First post!

YAY! New blog. I’ve decided to create a new one aside from my Tabulas, Blogdrive and Zanga.

Since archives of tabulas isn’t good and the themes of the latter two weren’t that good either, I just have to make a new one. So what’s this for?

Reviews. Lately, I’ve been rummaging the net for reviews of certain items (mostly Skinfood and Etude House) since I was on the “must get their membership cards!” move. I’ve noticed that there weren’t much reviews on certain products, and if there were any, not the products I was searching for. I didn’t know “I bought this product blah-blah, and will use it later” was a review. LOL! Then after that, the blogger didn’t write anything bout it.

So did I get the membership cards? Why yes! I’m just waiting of my SF one though. It’s been personalized, and apparenlty there is a lead time for it. I might get it by this weekend or next Tuesday (when I drop by Megamall).

There. Expect reviews to come! What kind of reviews? Anything that I can think of (I find interesting). Oh, expect opinions also of certain topics totally out of scope. LOL. For now, I’ll try to see how to use this blog. Tabulas ddin’t have the “label” portion below. XD

Drop a message here ~~~

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