Skinfood: Tomato Jelly Lip Tint – #3 Orange Review

My first review ever! XD
Last June, while I was in my “must get that membership card!” mode, I came across a few raves in the candymag forums on a particular lipgloss/tint from Skinfood, Curious, I read searched for more about it. Since there are quite a few reviews on it, I decided to purchase it myself.

Flash on. Near to actual color of liptint

Jump to see more of the product!

The SA told me that the Tomato Jelly Lip Tint is one of their best sellers (I think, she suggested that product a week before too). She gave me the #3 shade, since it was best suited for my skin color (a bit tanned skin tone). Sadly, there weren’t any testers of it that time (they just opened after renovations), but I took it anyway. (I like their SA. They know their products. And they’re very accommodating too.)
3 weeks have passed. And I’m loving this product.

  • Cost: P595 (approximately $12.80)
  • Color: If you’re after a little bit pinkish-reddish tint on your lips, but not too wild, this is good.
  • Smell: has this hint of berries, just like those normal berry-peach lipglosses, but better. Doesn’t give this “cheap” smell, typical to Skinfood products.
  • Taste: Not yucky, for sure. It has this slight taste of peaches, I think.
  • Texture: Just like any of those normal stick lipgloss
  • Long wear. You only need to apply it once/twice during the day.  But it really depends on what you do (drink a lot of water, etc)
  • It’s pretty small. You can place it anywhere. 🙂
Liptint and a pen

I don’t like it really bold on my lips so I pass through my lips once.
I tried creating a swatch for it using my hand and on a tissue paper.

Swatch 1: On my hand
Swatch 2: On tissue paper

What I don’t like: it fell on the floor 4-5 times, and squashed inside my pouch for 3 weeks. Now, it has this crack on the label. 😦 Also, prolonged use might result to cracked lips. Be sure to moisturize prior use. 

Buy again? Yes! I’ll wait until it expires (or when I get very much irritated when I see the crack)

Disclaimer: My reviews might not be 100% objective, I try to be at least. No, I’m not paid to do this nor have any sponsors – I sponsor myself.

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