I’m back!

It’s been ages since I last visited (and posted) in my blog of randomness. I guess I’ve been really busy back then.  Odd enough, I have a handful of drafts in my account waiting to be updated and posted.

A lot of things had happened since I was absent. One, have my not-so-new work. Two, Tony Moly just opened in my country! WOOOO!!! And I was able to get a membership card on my first purchase  (I’m guilty of buying something so that I would get that card). I’ve also been collecting photos and stuff of various items, so watch out for that.

I’ve been quite active on CosDNA. It’s this site where you upload/view the ingredients list of certain skincare/make-up, and the site analysis if that product is comedogenic, can cause irritation, safe, etc. I’ve uploaded a handful of products, so if you’re keen on the ingredients, do visit that site! I’ll be linking it if the item I had posted here has a counterpart post from me in that site.

As part of my coming back here, I fixed the site’s layout and the task pane. 😀 Please do forgive me if my writing style seems so inconsistent from one post to another, and I keep on editing my work. I’m still finding myself in the blog world. And teaching myself again how to do basic HTML.

Yes, I am bored again with my not-so-new work, so watch out for posts. Now, to fix the watermarks on my photos….

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