Skinfood: Grape Seed Oil Dual Body Oil Review

I have extremely dry skin (face not included).  Sometimes, I need to slather myself with more lotion to just satisfy my thirsty skin. I even came to a point that, heck I shouldn’t put some lotion – it’ll just go dry again.

Until one faithful day, my mom and I passed by a Skinfood store. The SA introduced us to Grape Seed Oil Dual Body Oil. And the rest was history.

I had been using this Body Oil since mid-2000’s.  See? I’ve finished more than half of this bottle:

What is this exactly? This is product is somewhat like a lotion – its main purpose is to hydrate the skin. When undisturbed, this product will have 2 main division (in color) – the clear oil, and the purple oil. This is composed of the Grape Seed Oil (as the name suggests) and Pear Fruit Extract.  (For more info on the list of ingredients, click here! If the link doesn’t work go to: CosDNA, search for “SKIN FOOD Grape Seed Oil Dual Body Oil”)

How to use: Apply this after taking a bath. Make sure you shake it well! This is how it looks like when you pour it to your hand:

When applied on skin:

The smell is lovely! You may not need to put on some perfume, since this once gives a nice subtle smell, which lasts you the entire morning. I’m not a pro when it comes to what are the notes in this thing, but I can assure you that it smell fabulous – not strong nor weak.

This thing costs around P825 (roughly $18.33) in the malls. I get it less 10% since I’m a member. But if you want to get it cheaper, look for those who sell Skinfood products online (normally around 30-50% less from the mall price). Oh and if you’re going to buy from the mall, this item is usually out of stock, so it pays to talk to the SAs.

Grape Seed Oil Dual Body Oil is good for the people who have dry skin, but isn’t sensitive on the smell. If you want something that applies easy and dries up quick on the skin, you may opt to skip this one.

This body oil is really worth the try.

I will definitely keep on using this until I ran out or find a good replacement.

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