Haru’s Random Thoughts: Hello Again!

Life had been a crazy ride lately. And yes, I finally found a reason to slack of with my blog. Oh. When will I ever get serious at you?

Though I do have quite plenty of items bought, and for review already. It’s been 2 years for pete’s sake! So, yeah, my drafts are still my drafts.

I’ve been busy with work, family, friends and writing. Writing on my 2 diaries (yes, I have 2), and on the story my friends and I are working on. We have the plot ready. But 2 of our members are not participating with gusto. Work time difference can be a huge factor. So yeah, but hey. we’ll try to finish it this year.

The story we’re writing about is a revamp of what we wrote when we were in highschool, started roughly 10 years ago? Anyway, we can get the ball rolling once one of our members is at the right state of mind.

In the meantime, I was thinking if I’d just remain reviewing cosmetics and skincare. Eventually, I’d run out of stuff to review or talk about. I may look into talking about food (since I’m at a food industry, afterall), and about the story we’re working on. On the perspective of the character I’m building? Why not.  I can also look into anime, shows and movies – but definitely it won’t be the mainstream ones.

Two thing’s for sure:

  • Minimal, if none, rants on everyday life
  • Again, try my best to be as consistent as possible in posting stuff here.

Gah, I need to relearn html again.

In the meantime, let me review again my drafts here…

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