Etude House: Happy TeaTime Milk Tea Cleansing Foam Review

I mentioned in my previous review that I have over 95+ products to review. Among them is Etude House’s  Happy TeaTime Milk Tea Cleansing Foam. It’s a good thing I was able to capture some images of it before I actually finished the product.

As the name suggests, this is a cleansing foam/facial wash from Etude House. It’s the sister of the more popular (since it’s almost always out of stock!) Happy TeaTime Peach Tea Cleansing Foam. It’s ridiculously cheap at P148 (approximately $3.54) for a 150ml of the product. This flavor, Milk Tea, targets to soften the skin.

Upon dispensed, it has this somewhat strong smell of baby powder x milk. I didn’t like the scent, my nose is somewhat sensitive to it (gave me the sniffles after each use). The foam is white, so it’s aesthetically acceptable unlike the Charcoal Foam I reviewed last time.

Like any S. Korean facial foams, a little amount of this goes a long way. It lathers up quite well also.

It’s easy to rinse off, and it doesn’t give you that sting in the eyes. Which is a plus! It gives off the squeaky clean feel after each use. Oh, and it can also remove some make-up (but it would need a little help from a make-up remover for those waterproof mascara and eyeliners).

But I’ve only used it for 1 month and stopped using it. it gave me some pimples. And pimples are quite rare for me. My mom used this, but it didn’t break her out.

I definitely won’t buy this again for my consumption. But for those who aren’t sensitive with scents and any skin products, this might be good for you – does its job at cleaning, easy to find, and dirt cheap!

Oh, and for those who’d like to know its ingredients, click here!

On other news, in the parking lot, I saw 2 popular actors in my country. Apparently, they have this shoot nearby (the vans, buses and shooting gear with the station’s logo was a dead give-away). And since it was too early in the morning, there were barely any people around. My brother and I walked past by one. He was cute, admittedly (my guilty pleasure is watching his prime time series). I looked at him for a couple of seconds to analyze who exactly it was – I’m pretty poor when it comes to recognizing them. He also looked back, prolly had the same thought as well. I didn’t go rabid fan girl-ish. I just ignored and walked away. But deep inside, I was glad I brushed my hair before I went down the car. Hahaha! Lesson learned: Always fix hair before stepping down the vehicle. You might not know who you’d bump into.

This surely made my morning.

2 thoughts on “Etude House: Happy TeaTime Milk Tea Cleansing Foam Review

    1. You have been warned that it might break you out also.

      The only moment I get to brush my hair after shower in the AM is when I’m at the parking lot. Though there are times that I tie my hair and brush in the office. Hehehe.


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