The Face Shop: Clean Face White Intensive Blemish Clear Patch Review

So I’ve been posting a lot lately. Trying to keep this mood up! 🙂

Acne had been a little problem with me. I get pimples like once in 2 months (or sometimes never!). Though there are cases that I get like 2 on the same time, near each other. I hate those moments.

But what I do hate the most is those big red painful bumps that grow on your face. They tend to stay longer, but doesn’t grow to be a pimple. Ugh. With that in mind and on my face, I went to The Face Shop looking for solutions. And one of them is this one.

Such a curious product! The SA suggested this to me. I’m quite a bit skeptic because how in the world would a patch solve my problem? What really pushed me to get this price – P195 (roughly $4.66). WA box holds 5 sheets, and each sheet has 10 patches. So you’re paying for P3.9 per patch (roughly $0.09). hat have I got to lose? And besides this can be stored longer than any of my make-up/skin care so why not? And if it’s effective, yey for me!

So yes, I bought my first box 2 years ago.

How to use this? The back of the box and each pack tells you this:

Though it says you should apply it on clean, dry skin, I would put my pimple med (at that time it was The Face Shop’s Quick and Clean First Aid Gel) first. After that, I’d put this patch and sleep. Sometimes I leave it one for 8-12 hours.

This is what the patch looks like. Each time you remove it from the sheet, you must be extra careful not to let it touch itself. I’ve wasted patches that way. it’s quite easy to remove from the sheet, but tricky. The patch is comparable to those soft, thin, rubbery stickers. It doesn’t smell anything.

Here’s the patch on my annoying red bump. When you have it on, it’s very tempting to scratch it off. Just like stickers on your skin, you get this itchy or uncomfortable feeling that you just want to scratch it off. And this intensify when you have it on for a long period of time.

Was it effective? It took me a week to see any result from my red bump. It works better on those pimples, though. And you cannot use this as is. It definitely needs your medication cream.

Will I buy it? Actually, I did buy it. I’m on my second box. Sadly, I’m not sure if you can buy if off the malls. I’ve been looking all over it. Maybe you’d have better luck  from online sellers.

But I;m not giving up! It has to be around here somewhere.

Thoughts? Just tell me below!

For those intersted with its product contents, click here!

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