Skinfood: Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

My core goals in the make-up world are: 1) Find a good facial cleanser, and 2) A remedy for my panda eyes.

During my quest in 2010, I found this.

Will this product help me lighten my panda eyes?

After reading some forums, some people swore by this product. And it caught my attention. Back then, there wasn’t much review about it. So I went to my favorite Skinfood store and purchased one.


It costed me P2,150 (that’s roughly $51.03) for 30g of the product. Yes, it is so overpriced. But I didn’t mind since I was also aiming to get the membership card (which I got eventually) and back then, it was tough to find trustworthy resellers. Now, you’d probably get it 50-60% less than what I paid for in the mall store.

Since it’s a cream, expect it to be heavy on the skin. Younger skin may not appreciate this cream, unless they are used to having heavy creams. Those in fear of having milia seeds, this eye cream didn’t give me one. And I’ve been using it for a year, one or twice a day (mainly during night, due to its weight).   Dry skinned people will love this – very moisturizing.

The cream isn’t really pure white – it’s a little off-white, but not as off-white as its sister, the Salmon Brightening Eye Serum. It also has this subtle smell (not like Salmon), like most of Skinfood products. It’s not the cheap powdery scent. I honestly like sniffing this, and doesn’t give me the sniffles.


Did it work? It did lighten my dark circles, but not totally abolish it. You should expect results after 2 months of use – I used it every night, and sometimes during the day too. My main eye cream during the day before was Shu Uemura’s Deepsea Moisture – Replenishing Eye Gel.


They (SA) say this will work better with the serum. But with the price like that and you not being sure its effectiveness, no way.



Did I buy the product again after I finished it? No because I wanted to try its sister, Salmon Brightening Eye Serum. I wonder who would do a better job. Hmm…




Thoughts? Share them below.

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