Skinfood: Avocado Rich Eye Balm Review

My venture on eye care does not end on my panda eyes. It also captures moisturizing that area as well. I tend to rub my eyes a lot (dust makes my eyes itchy, especially when I wake up in the morning), thus making my panda eyes worse, and I noticed it makes my eye area dry as well.

I’ve read stumbled upon a reivew of Avocado Rich Eye Balm and it seemed like it’s a good product that moisturizes that area. Not much is written on this product, so I decided, “Hey, why not make a reivew about it?”. So I went to my fave Skinfood Mall store, and what luck, the product is on sale!

Quoting from the Skinfood website, this product is “An oily layer of shea butter and avocado provide moisturization and resilience to eye areas”. 

I bought this last 2010, and the date that is displayed above is the manufacturing date. I got this for P405 (roughly $9.65). It houses 30g of product.

The cream is of light green color – just like the light green part of a ripe avocado. It is housed in a glass-like tub, and the packaging is very lovely. Those particular in dipping their hands in the product might find this aspect not pleasing.

The good thing about this is that a little amount goes a long way. It’s very thick and heavy, thus very moisturizing. Dry skinned people will surely love this. This is best to be used as a night eye cream, due to its weight. Sadly, it doesn’t smell like Avocado. It has this subtle citrus-y scent, but I didn’t notice it when I used this.

Even though the cream is heavy, it didn’t cause any milia seeds. And I used this on top of my Salmon Brightening Eye Cream of the same brand too!

See how heavy it is on the blended photo above?

I’ve used this for more than a year, and when I finish this tub, I’d definitely not purchase it again right away. A tub can last you a very long time (it may even expire without you finishing it!) and it does deliver its promise. Since my dry eye area problem is not that serious, I can skip this step. I might get back to this when I’m older.

This may be good for older people, and those seeking for extra moisture in the eye area, since it can go with your other eye creams and not cause any milia.

Hey, at least I can reuse the container to house my small rings or earrings.

For those interested to know the ingredients, I won’t be able to provide it to you. It’s all written in Korean.

2 thoughts on “Skinfood: Avocado Rich Eye Balm Review

    1. They are normally located at the bottom or at the side of your cream. Depends on where you see it stamped on. 🙂 Understanding it is the tricky part. Sometimes it can be the expiration date, sometimes it can be the manufacturing date.


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