Skinfood: Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++ Review

I live in a tropical country. So it’s sunny most of the time, but I don’t see people getting too serious on protecting their skin from the sun (except when you’re out on a vacation somewhere).

When the SA tried to talk to me into buying this, I wasn’t convinced – I’m part of the population who is not particular with wearing sunblocks on regular days. I only bought this one because 1) I don’t have such item, and 2) I want to get their lifetime membership card.

Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++ is a sun cream that provides protection from the UV rays of the sun. The SPF 36 is for the UVB protection, whereas the PA++ is for the UVA protection. Normally, Korean sun creams carry both SPF (roughly 30 is the min, but don’t quote me on that) and PA (min is ++ while max is +++).

This sun cream claims:

Tomato Sun Cream helps protect all skin types, face, and body from UVA and UVB. 

To use: For best results, apply generously 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply after swimming or toweling dry. 

Actually, there are 2 variants available of this type of sun cream under the tomato line – this one and the one that also promises to aid your wrinkles. I didn’t get the one with the wrinkle aid since I’m too young to worry about it (plus, it costs more than the one I got). Also, I’m not sure if my combi skin would like this, and anti-wrinkle ones tend to be more moisturizing.

One thing’s for sure. they only come in tubes.

And since they come in tubes, don’t expect that you’d get every last bit of the product. Unless you open them up.

Since I got this from the mall, it’s quite expensive at P845 (roughly $20.25) for a 50ml bottle. So you’re better off getting this from an online reseller or a friend/relative from S.Korea.

The sun cream is in off-white color. It smells like any typical sunblock, but a lot subtle, with a hint of scent which is common to their tomato line. I personally like the scent, didn’t give me a bad case of sniffles.

Though the print says, “apply generously”, a little of it goes a long way.

It’s a little creamy, as like typical sunblocks but more of milky-er, and moisturizing. Perhaps, too mositurzing for me. It gave me a pimple after a week’s use. So I gave it to my mom.

But, that doesn’t end there. She used this when she went to a beach, and only this as protection from the sun. When they came back, it is as if she didn’t go into one. In terms of protection, it did a very fine job – her skin didn’t darken as much as her companions (who used a different sunblock), and she didn’t get sunburned (yes, she swam in the afternoon. Whatever her companions did there, she did also). So, it may not be fit for oily or combi skin types, but it’s good with drier and less sensitive skin. Oh and, there is still some left in the bottle too!

Will I buy this? I might. I have a beach trip to Boracay in December and this might come in handy. I may or may not use it on my face though.

Thoughts? Share below!

For those interested in the ingredients of this sun cream, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. It’s in Korean, unless, you understand their language.

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