Etude House: Black Head Heating Scrub Review

At one point in my make-up adventure, I also aimed to get rid of my black heads. I realized that facial wash is not enough.

Black Head Heating Scrub belongs to the Black Head series of Etude House. Do note that it has a cleansing foam counterpart.

Etude House claims:

Oil-free scrub supplies heating sensation when applied to skin to open pores and remove blackheads.

One thing notable with this product is that it’s almost always out of stock. This is sold in the mall for P398 ($9.54) which contains 50g of product. This only comes in tubes.

It comes out as a transparent viscous substance with black beads (the active ingredient is charcoal). It smells very citrus-y, so for those who’s pretty sensitive with scents may need to think twice. Personally, I don’t like this scent. Etude House’s products tend to have this strong, somewhat cheap scent in their products as opposed to Skinfood’s subtle, lovely scents.

There you go, a better look at the charcoal beads. They dissolve once you massage it further, so no need to worry on being too abrasive. You might need to dispense more to have your full face covered well.

Upon contact to skin, this doesn’t feel warm. You need to massage it in order to get the “heating” effect. It gradually becomes warmer as you massage further. It doesn’t sting, but quite relaxing.

Etude House recommends that you massage this for 3-5 minutes. And use this for 1-2 times a week. And I used it as recommended.

After use, you’d notice that it did remove some of your blackheads but the stubborn, deep ones are still there.

I finished the tube. Around after a six weeks use, it gave me a big red lump near my upper lip.

Will I buy this again? I won’t be getting another tube after I finish my second one. I thought that it might had been a good product after a month, so I got a second tube (almost always out of stock, so I grabbed it when I saw it). Bah. Wasted money again.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

For those interested with the ingredients, click here! And here’s the back of the tube, for those who can understand Korean.

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