Tony Moly: Cutie – Beauty Perfume Bar – Glamour Star Scarlet Review

Tony Moly is one of the fairly new Korean brands in the malls in my country. And they do also offer membership cards too.

So while I was shopping inside their store (to get their membership card), I saw this.

Cutie – Beauty Perfume Bar in Glamour Star Scarlet is a perfume stick. Its original price is around P448 (roughly $10.70) for a 9g of product. It has this cute smiling white cat-man strumming an electric guitar, stars and cartoon-y headphones print all over it.


It is around 60mm tall so small and handy. The cover doesn’t easily come off so you can keep this inside your purse. You would also need to twist it to use it, similar to stick lip balms.

Cutie – Beauty Perfume Bar comes in 5 scents, all of which are in stick form, but I got this one only since it’s the best smelling among them. That a pretty subjective statement, I know, but there were only 1 of it remaining when I bought it while the rest still has around 5-6 stocks available.

When I bought it, the perfume bar actually has a hard plastic cover on it upon opening. My perfume bar comes in lavender in color. It also smells somewhat like lavender with a hint of baby powder scent. From all of the 5 scents, this one didn’t make me sneeze – I’m pretty sensitive to scents. The scent is somewhat lovely and not overpowering.

I’ve had this for roughly 6 months already, but the smell doesn’t seem to diminish, which is good.

Upon application, this leaves a scent for roughly 4-5 hours, depends on where and how much you put on. If you rub this on you clothes, it will leave a cloudy white mark.

No matter how much I use this, it doesn’t seem to run out!

Will I buy this? I may not buy it again, though. For one, it doesn’t seem like I’m running out of it and, it is something that you would only be using for situations when you need touch-ups. If you want a scent that is not common, you may want to skip this. For younger ages, this a cute gift to keep.


What about you? tried this one? Please share!



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