Skinfood: Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Gel Review

Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Gel was one of my earlier purchases in Skinfood. I got this from their mall store because:

  1. Need to fill up my bill to get that membership card of theirs
  2. This is on sale
  3. Loves their Grape Seed Oil Dual Body Oil, so this may work too
  4. SA is quite convincing.
  5. I thought this was the Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Oil (I remembered it wrongly)

Items above are listed by decreasing priority. Yes, it’s all about their membership card.

I wasn’t expecting much from this product, since I thought this was its cleansing oil counterpart. Next time, I should bring a good list of stuff I want.

According to the flap of the product, this is a:

Cleansing gel whose grape seed oil containing large amount of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, offers oil and moisture that are easy ti be taken off when cleansing and is changed into oil when rubbing to easily remove a deep and thick make-up. 

How to use it?

Evenly apply an appropriate amount to your whole face. Lightly massage until make-up is dissolved and taken off. Remove the make-up residue with a tissue or wash it off with lukewarm water.

I only got this for P412.5 (roughly $9.81) since it was 50% off. I guess this is almost close to its original price in Korea. See how high they offer it here in my country.

This one only comes in plastic squeeze bottles, like most of their Grape Seed Oil line. This bottle contains 150ml of the product. I find that quite a lot for the price.

You’d notice if your product had been shelved for a very long time, the water and the gel part are separated. You just need to shake it. Mine happened to have this one, so all I needed to do was just shake it.

The gel is somewhat transparent  and gooey (of course it’s a gel). It smells almost like its Dual Body Oil sister, but a little different, more of mixed with a hint of factory-produced smell. Must be because of its consistency? One thing’s for sure, it didn’t give make me sneeze after smelling it.

It’s very moisturizing upon use. Perhaps a tad too moisturizing. Dry skinned people will like this, but for those like me, not so much.

I’ve only used this 2-3 times before giving it away. I didn’t like it because of the texture. It feels really gooey on the skin upon application. This can be attributed to the gel consistency. You need to massage it further to make it less gooey. Though it performed as promise – help remove make-up, but it will give you this cloudy eye effect after use, another minus.

Will I buy this again? Not even when I grow older. I can get away with using other cleansers.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

For those interested with the ingredients,click here! If you don’t want to leave the site, just view the photo below. I got it from the back flap of the bottle.

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