Etude House: Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball Review

One of the factors that make me buy something that I might not need would be the packaging. And that’s what got me into getting Etude House’s Ms. Tangerine Cheek Ball.

Isn’t it cute?
Miss Tangerine Cheek Ball is basically composed of the different shades of tangerine in colored pigment balls housed in a ball-like container. This may work as a blush or highlighter.

I got this from their mall store for P778 (roughly $18.44). I bought this without thinking twice with the price since I just got to have it!

If my eyes doesn’t fool me, there are over 4 colors in there (ranges from deep tangerine to cream).  The container’s made of hard plastic. Each time I use this, I’d be extra careful not to drop it.

It comes with a white puff, which I don’t use. One good and bad thing about this item is that there is a separator between your puff and the tangerine balls. Good part there is, well, your puff won’t get to rest on top of the balls when not in use. Bad part is that the separator will require you to tug a bit to pop it open. If you’re not careful, you might drop some of the balls (which happened to me).

The colored balls fill almost half of the container. There’s no scent in this thing, so for those with sensitive noses, you’d find this good.

Upon application, it gives off this subtle golden tangerine color, with shimmer. Girls with tan skin might like this since it gives you this golden tan-like glow. Fairer ones may find the color too loud on them.

I mainly use this a highlighter for my face when I go out. I can still notice some glow after roughly 5 hours, I think. When I use this as a blush alone, I find it too shimmery for my taste.

Oh, and this didn’t make me itch. Yay!  🙂

Overall, I find this a brilliant product, given the price. Though it might not be a good addition to your make-up purse since the packaging is too bulky to bring around.


I just love seeing this in my stash since it’s really cute.



Have you tried this? What do you think?

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