What’s in My Make-up Bag?

I’ve been going thru a lot of make-up reviews over the web, and noticed a peculiar trend – showing stuff off their makeup bags. Then I started to rummage into my own.

What is in my make-up bag?

That’s what’s in my make-up bag. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

First off, my make-up bag is from EGG. It’s made out of cloth. I got this since it’s easy to wash and I love the design.

Next, let’s start with the products for the lips.

From left to right:

Now, for the cheek

For the face and hands which are not make-up,

Other accessories are:

My other consumables:

  • Tears Naturale II
  • Patanol Eye Drops (Anti-allergy)
  • In the medicine box: Aleve and Excedrin (for headache)

And the only non-consumable and not make-up related:

  • Cute keychain with 2 keys

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff.

I bet you’d be wondering where are the eye shadows, eye liners, concealers, foundation, etc. I don’t regularly use those. I normally wake up with itchy eyes in the morning so I rather not wear them to work everyday. I don’t also carry make-up brushes since, well, I don’t see the need to.

And why the heck are there too many lip items? I wear them depending on my mood of the day. One learning though, Tony Moly Tony Tints should be placed standing up, or else they’ll spill some of its contents inside your purse. >.>

There’s actually 1 more item I forgot to include there which I always bring with me – Tony Moly Pocket Bunny – Sleek Mist. I placed it in another bottle since the original one is too big and bulk to bring around. I normally place this in my make-up purse, but today, I just placed it somewhere in my bag.

All in all, they weigh a little less than my 2 mobile phones and Ipod touch combined! Yes, they are that heavy. No wonder my shoulder would ache after some time.

So, expect a review coming up for these items and more! 🙂

How about you? What’s in you make-up bag?

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