Skinfood: Omija Whitening Serum Review

Yesterday, I reviewed the Omija Whitening Teabag Toner. Today, I will reviewing the serum from the same line.


I actually bought the Omija Whitening Serum before I purchased the toner from the same line. I ran out of the Tomato Whitening Serum first, so I had to replace it as soon as possible.

Will this be a good replacement for my Tomato Whitening Serum?
 If you noticed, Korean Skin Care is composed of:

  • Toner
  • Emulsion
  • Serum
  • Cream

Some actually buy all 4 items, since they want to achieve that glow Koreans have. But I would only buy the Toner and Serum. I don’t bother using the Emulsion since Serums are more concentrated (so minus 1 product to buy, good for me!). I would also find Creams too rich, so I opt it out as well. But don’t quote me on this one. It’s more of whatever floats your boat thing. If I reach my 30’s, I’d probably get more serious with my skin care, and I’d probably have more money to spend on these products.


Going back, I bought this off their mall store (again). Back then, I was not open to purchasing from an online seller. I got this for 10% of P2,825 (I think, thanks to my membership card), so that’s roughly $67.39 for just 50ml of the product. I know, expensive! Better buying it off from an online reseller or some relative/friend in S. Korea. You might get it 50-60% off from what I paid for. Hey, at least you’d have an idea roughly how much it should cost, thus will aid you in purchasing it online.


You’d be wondering why did I even buy this in the first place? Back then, the store only offers 2 whitening lines, this one and the tomato line. They happened to have the Tomato Serum out of stock, and the SA offered this to me. I’ll discuss further below why I even bought this.


You’d also notice that this is worth more than the toner. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have an idea too.

Skinfood claims that:

A serum that brightens skin with a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects,

*Patent No: Cosmetic ingredient made with a medicinal herb complex of Omija, White Mulberry Bark and Licorice Root (Material Patent No. 10-0891294)


Skinfood does have the Omija patent which I find cool.


This serum comes in a pump, glass bottle. Always handle this with care and you might break it! I really like their packaging on this one – the serum is encased in a crusted white to pink glass. This is one of the stuff that had me paying for this item. People that have issues with dipping their hands in their product will love this design. One downfall is that you might not get every last bit of the product. Normally, Skinfood’s pump bottles does give you every last bit at most, so no need to worry.

The serum comes in milky-white lotion feel. It smells similar to its toner. I actually love smelling this, and it doesn’t give me the sniffles. The smell is also quite refreshing. I’d probably edit this post to house what it actually smells like, I’m pretty poor in describe that (due to my colds).

The picture above didn’t come from a full pump, probably just a little for demo. Hey, it’s only 50ml and pretty darn expensive, so I’d better conserve.

A little of it actually goes a long way. I’d probably take like 2-3 full pumps to cover my face and neck.


Did this cause me to break out? That’s the good part, it didn’t – but I guess it was because my skin was a lot drier back then. This is quite moisturizing so oily skinned people might need to think twice.


How about whitening? Sadly, it didn’t give much of whitening as compared to its tomato counterpart. But what it does give is this refreshed, blooming, glowing look – though quite temporary. If you want more whitening, I suggest you’d pick the cheaper Tomato Whitening Serum instead.


Will I buy this again? With that price, most likely not. I’d rather go back to my Tomato Serum, thank you.



Thoughts? Please share them below.




For those who might ask for the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. It’s in Korean.

I was thinking… I might post a review on the Tomato products I bought soon. I just need to get that smell described well prior to posting it. 🙂 Watch out for that one!

2 thoughts on “Skinfood: Omija Whitening Serum Review

  1. Hi, I’d like to ask if this bottle can be opened?
    And thanks for your reviews. I love reading them… Very informative and well pictured


    1. Hi Trag! Thanks for dropping by. Frankly, I can’t remember if the bottle can be opened, I don’t have the bottle anymore. Aww…thanks for reading. 🙂 I would really love to put into perspective things to help consumers. 🙂


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