Skinfood: Tomato Whitening Toner Review

Tomato Whitening Toner is my current favorite toner. And here’s why. 

I realized that Facial Wash wasn’t enough to clean my face (plus I was in the must-get-that-membership-card mode), so I went to the nearest Skinfood store and got my first toner. I asked the SA what was their best selling one, and she offered me this. I wanted to be safe with my first choice, that’s why I asked her such.


I got this for P1,550 (roughly $37.14), for a 135ml of product. I could have gotten it 50-60% cheaper if I bought it online, or even less, if bought from a relative or friend from S. Korea.

Skinfood claims that:

This toner is packed with fresh tomato extracts which contains a variety of natural organic acids, vitamins and minerals to cear and clarify dark skin.


Oh joy, it whitens too!

This comes only in a bottle form, encrusted with white and pinking-red. Handle with care because you might break it! If you unscrew that cap, you’d see that there’s a small hole where the toner will come out.

The toner is in a transparent, semi-oily, runny liquid. It has this subtle, lovely scent which reminds me sort of like some lotion from Nivea (hey, it doesn’t smell exactly like that, just a hint). It’s quite refreshing, though I can sense that there’s a hint of alcohol. For those who have sensitive noses, you might want to think twice from purchasing this porduct. I like sniffing this, and it doesn’t make me sneeze.


Combi to oily skinned people would love this. But those on the dry side might want to moisturize more after use.


Does it actually whiten? Yes, it does, but only after prolonged use and a few shades (not extreme). It also gives you this refreshed and blooming glow, which I love.


Oh, and it didn’t give me acne, which is a major plus.


I love this over Omija Whitening Teabag Toner, since this is cheaper, doesn’t break me out, smells better and whitens.


I actually found myself buying this again (I’m currently at my third bottle), but this time thru an online reseller. Since I’ve bought this off a mall store twice, I would know if the one I bought online would be authentic or not – which she did gain my trust afterwards.


I love this stuff! But I’m open to trying new things.



How about you, have you tried this?



For those who would want to know the ingredients, click here! For those who would just want to view it here, see below:

6 thoughts on “Skinfood: Tomato Whitening Toner Review

    1. Hi Faz! Thanks for dropping by. I’m not sure if we’re living in the same country, so my cost estimate might differ from yous. 🙂 But I did put how much I paid for this one up in my post.


    1. Hi Chamie! Thanks for dropping by. I did get my last bottle from The Little Cool Shop Davao. She has a facebook page. Though now, I don’t think she sells S. Korean stuff anymore. You can try and ask her though. 😉


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