Etude House: Black Head Final Kit Review

I was supposed to put up a Milk Tea post today, but I wasn’t able to get the photos from my laptop last night. Argh. >.>Likewise, I still have so many swatches to make. I have their photos with their packaging sans the swatch (and redo others). Plus I’m also taking care of the pilot chapter of out story, and some character sketches. Gah! I’m so behind. Being sick for a week does make a difference. Need to make more post-its as a reminder.

Oh well. Moving on… Let’s see what we have here… Oh, you’re gonna be interested with this one.


During those days when I was so much into Etude House (it was relatively new in the mall that time, and definitely way cheaper than Skinfood), I would drop by their store and check what’s new. I would always fins myself touching the Black Head Final Kit, and trying to rationalize if I need it.

Until one day, I just bought it. I wonder, will it deliver as promised?

SA claims that this is one for their best sellers. Yeah right, maybe in Korea but not here. Black Head Heating Scrub sells a lot faster than this one. I should know, I’m always at their store almost everyday (and every week for a few months), and people tend to pick up the Heating Scrub more.

Moving forward, I got this kit for P798 (roughly $19.07). Pretty cheap, right? I’ve read from somewhere that my country’s Etude House’s prices are almost near to its Korean stores, and the cheapest compared to other stores outside Korea.


The Final Kit comes in two parts:

  • Black Head Remover (Toner)

  • Black Head Smoothing Cream (Pore Tightening)

Given the price and it comes with 2 items, it’s really cheap! For those who bought this from online sellers, make sure you get 2 items. These are not sold separately, nor a “promo thing”. For those online sellers who sold it separately, shame on you. 


This is supposed to remove blackheads and minimize your pores after use. It’s labeled “final kit” since this is the last step in the entire black head series.

How to use this? You start with the Toner.

After facial cleansing, dispense toner to cleansing pad until wet and adhere wet pad to nose. Remove pad after 10-15 minutes. Gently wipe away raised blackheads with dry cleansing pad.

Then, you use the cream.

After Black Head Remover application, use finger to apply cream to nose. Massage with finger until cream is absorbed into skin.

The instructions are written on the box in English, so make sure you don’t throw it away just yet.



Let’s start reviewing each item. First with the Black Head Remover (Toner).

The toner comes in a yellow-orange plastic spray bottle. It houses 60ml of liquid. Not bad given the price. I honestly like the bottle. I can reuse this when I’m done with it.

So you spray the liquid to the cotton pad, to have the liquid dispensed. The toner is a clear, transparent liquid. It has this quite strong citrus scent going on, similar to the Heating Scrub, only a little stronger. Maybe because it stays on your face longer than the scrub? I really dislike the smell. One main reasons why I stopped using this.

Did it raise any blackheads? Only some, but I still see some still seating quite comfortably in my pores. I also noticed that it has this stingy sensation when I have it on my nose.


Now, let’s go to the Black Head Smoothing Cream (Pore Tightening).

The cream of 15ml comes in tube. It has this long nozzle where the cream comes out.

The cream is in off-white, milky color. It smells quite awful. It reminds me of some chemical smelling cream from drugstores.

You need to massage a lot in order to get it down pat on your skin. It’s a little moisturizing, by the way. Did I see some pores getting smaller? A little, but its almost insignificant.


I’ve used both over a month, before I gave up on it. Mostly it’s because I can’t stand the smell (that horrible cheap citrus-y and chemical smell!)  and the stingy sensation. Also, I noticed that I got this red bump on my nose. And this is the only one I changed in my nightly regimen. I’m definitely not buying or even using this again, for now.

I feel that this product is such a waste. Maybe we’re not yet compatible. I may look back at this in the future, after 3-5 years? I know others are raving about this. Well, I guess it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. I feel bad that it didn’t work out for me. I had such high hopes. *sigh*


Have you tried this? What do you think?



For those interested with the ingredients, click below.

But if you just want to view the ingredients sans the analysis, view it below.  First one is the Toner, the next portion is the cream.

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