The Face Shop: Quick & Clean First Aid Gel Review

It’s been dreary and rainy for almost 2 weeks now. It makes one want to procrastinate. But not valid enough for me not to create a review for today. If you’ve been following me for a few weeks already, you’ve probably notice I go quiet on weekends. Weekends are dedicated to family (and sometimes, good friends), and rest. I need to recharge or else I’d get sick again.

Moving on with the review.

I mentioned in a previous post, The Face Shop’s Clean Face White Intensive Blemish Clear Patch that it won’t work well without a cream of sorts. When I got my second box of the patch, I bought Quick & Clean First Aid Gel, hoping that it will help the patch. The SA, of course, sold this to me again with promises.

Will this thing work as I expect it should?

Quick & Clean First Aid Gel is the pimple busting product from the  Quick & Clean line. So here’s what The Face Shop claims:

The Tea Tree oil, Seaweed and Purslane extracts in this intensive care gel provide immediate, cooling relief.

Directions: Gently and slowly spread a fair amount directly over problem areas. 

Having Tea Tree oil, it should help skin woes right?

I got this gel for P355 (roughly $8.48) from the mall store. Pretty cheap, given that it’s something to help you with acne. Though you might get a better deal elsewhere – online resellers and relatives/friends from Korea.

Quick & Clean First Aid Gel comes in a tube, with a long nozzle. So for those particular with dipping their hands into the product would adore this.

The gel is of slightly green color, somewhat similar to its tube packaging. It reminds me of those aloe vera gels. It even as the same consistency. This one has almost no scent, which is good for those with sensitive noses.

It is actually a little cold when applied on. But it could have been colder if refrigerated. Though, I’m not quite sure how it would be like if it were to be stored in the refrigerator. After a few minutes from application, it dries out and gives this flaky, peeling skin look. Sometimes, I find it a little itchy (the annoying kind, similar to the patch). But this didn’t break me out – that would have been ironic if it did!

Results? Well, count me disappointed. It performed less than my expectations. I had to wear the patch in the same amount of time as if there’s no gel.

Given that the results disappointed me, I gave this to my brother who had more acne problems. And he liked it and found it useful. *Sigh* Guess it’s not those one size fits all thing.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Share below.

For this interested with the ingredients, I posted them below.
Click here for the analysis!



Guess what, my friends and I went out this Saturday. And we’ve been kidding around on another project. Haha! I’m quite excited to start it. Also, we talked about our comic. Hope it goes on smoothly from here. For god’s sake, it’s August already!

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