Tony Moly: Pocket Bunny – Sleek Mist Review

So what exactly did I do for the past 3 days? Since I can’t go to work (roads are not passable), I took some swatches and photos of products. I did roughly 15+ products in 1 morning, when there was still electricity (Tuesday morning). So imagine how red my left hand was from washing and rubbing the make-up off. Hehehe. One of the products I took pictures will be reviewed today.


Every time I go inside Tony Moly, I’m attracted to this particular facial mist. I just can’t justify to myself why I need it. I read about this at some blogs and they were raving about it.

When the store had stocks of Pocket Bunny – Sleek Mist, I bought it.

Pocket Bunny – Sleek Mist is a facial spray that you use on your face to refresh yourself – with or without make-up.

I bought this for P448 (roughly $10.73) for 60ml of the product. That’s not bad considering Tony Moly’s mall prices are fairly reasonable (Etude House can still be cheaper, but Laniege, Skinfood and The Face Shop are just too much). There are actually 2 variants, the one I got and the Moist Mist. This one is for oily and combi skin, while the other one, is for dry skin.

The mist is housed in a white bunny spray. For the moist mist, it’s housed in a pink bunny, which is more aesthetically pleasing than the one I got. Boo.

Since the bottle is too bulky to carry around, I moved the contents on a smaller bottle. I also did this so I won’t damage the bunny container. Isn’t it cute to keep?

Using the original bunny bottle, it has to be at most, an arm’s length away from your face prior to spraying it on your face. When it’s too close, it gets concentrated on an area and will ruin your make-up.

Upon spraying, you can pat dry you face carefully. And you’d feel quite refreshed.

I normally use this when I’m stressed coming home from traffic. It kind of relieves me – as if it’s melting my stress away. The liquid is very clear, slightly oily, but cool and refreshing. Imagine if you store this in the refrigerator! It would have been way cooler on the face.  Extremely oily and sensitive skinned people might think twice of using this on their faces.

The scent – it smells like some common green tea perfume diluted in water. I actually like the scent. But for sensitive noses, well, not so much. Hey, this one didn’t make me sneeze.

Did this break me out? Nope, I’ve used this for more than a month(on/off) and didn’t do horrible things on my skin.

But I definitely might not buy this again. What really pushed me to buy this is the bottle. I can reuse this with better facial mist. I prefer another mist from Tony Moly over this, which I will review it soon.

What do you think? Do you like the it or just find the bottle darn cute?

For those interested in the ingredients, I’m sorry but I cannot provide it to you. It’s in Korean. But if you can read it, see below.

4 thoughts on “Tony Moly: Pocket Bunny – Sleek Mist Review

    1. Hi The Style Trenches! Thanks for dropping by. Actually, I didn’t get to finish the mist. But I kept the packaging for other uses. 🙂 hahaha!


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