The Body Shop: Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 Review

Since I’ve been reviewing mostly Korean products, I will be reviewing a product from a brand close to my heart (and pocket) that’s non-Korean.


There is a time every year that my lips would get extra dry and flaky. During those moments, I am forced to use something to moisturize it. I tend to be lazy at these things, you see. And that time, my flaky lip problem was aggravated even more because of a product I’m using – Etude House’s Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint. My friend suggested I try The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15.

Will this help me fix my dry lip problem?

So I went to the nearest The Body Shop store that time and bought a stick. It costed me 15% less than the original price of P350 (that’s roughly $8.36). They have a member’s only sale that time. Now, as for price comparison, I’m not quite sure it this is cheap or way expensive. You’d be the judge of that. But normally, they sell imported stuff in my country a lot higher than the original price (which makes it ridiculous). But can’t blame them with all those taxes, hidden fees, high overhead cost, etc.

The major thing I like about The Body Shop in general are their beliefs: against animal testing and child labor, pro to women’s rights, and being an advocate of saving the planet. And they do this without making the quality of their product suffer.



According to The Body Shop’, this lip care:

Antioxidant vitamin E plus beeswax and olive oil help keep lips soft and supple.

This lip care only comes as a stick, with the bottom part as the control to either put more of the product out or vice-versa. It’s just like your regular lip balm, even the size is same. One good thing I like about this is that it comes with SPF, even if it’s just 15. As you can see in the photo above that the balm is in subtle yellow color. It also gives this subtle smell of shea butter, almost non-existent. Extra sensitive noses may dislike this, but I don’t mind since it’s so subtle and it disappears after a while from application.

I swatched the lip balm at the back of my hand. The texture of the balm is waxy, which is different from your regular lip balms. I find that the waxy feel quite odd since it kind of reminds me floor wax. I really dislike this feeling.

So did it help alleviate my lip problem? Apparently not. It took almost forever to fix it that I gave up and switched to a different lip balm – a more moisturizing one. Though The Body Shop claims that this is good for all skin types, I beg to differ. Extra dry ones would prefer a better lip balm to address their lip woes.


Will I buy this again? No way. Aside from the point that this didn’t deliver its promise, I don’t like waxy type of balms.


Did you like this? What’s your take?



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But if you just want to see it, less the analysis, check it out below.

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