Tony Moly: Velvet Touch Primer Review

Today, the sky is dark and dreary. Reminds me of the backdrop last week. I sure do hope it won’t rain as much. And speaking of last week, the item I will be reviewing today is one of the products I swatched last Tuesday.


I frankly do not understand the main purpose of primers. Shouldn’t foundation be enough? That was my thought when I was in the Tony Moly store while shopping for a decent foundation. The SA was selling me a primer, Velvet Touch Primer. And it was the last of its kind in the store. Being the case, I thought, heck, why not buy it? And it’s the last piece.

Will this prove me that primers are indeed important?

Most of the text of the box and the bottle are written in Korean, so I don’t really know what it claims and what not. And of course, you can’t 100% trust what the SA claims it does, since I caught them more than a handful of times not knowing what they are actually saying.



I got this bottle for P848 (roughly $20.23) for 30ml of the primer. Not bad, I had plenty of money when I bought it. One of the main selling points of this item over the other primers in the store is the packaging. It’s chic and classy. And this only comes in pump bottles.


As you can see, the bottom part has this platform raised a little. I’ve been using this for quite sometime already when the photo was made.What I also like about the packaging is that you see if you’re running out of the primer, and if you’re getting every last bit of it.

The primer comes in this translucent goo. It has this subtle smell which I don’t mind and love a lot. I can’t point exactly what it smells like, but it has this hint of perfume of something plus a slight chemical-y smell. Sensitive noses might think twice, but hey, the smell dissolves once you settle it down on your skin.

Once you get it settled on your skin, it has this powdery silicon feel. SA told me it’s water based. Oh yeah right, silicon feel. Hello. Sensitive skin types might find this one a turn-off. But I kind of like it. What I dislike is that I wouldn’t know if I had enough of it on my face, it somewhat feels dry. Dry skinned people might what to moisturize a lot first prior using this.

How about oil control? Didn’t see much oil control there. My noses feels oily after 5-6 hours. I’ve tried using this alone (without foundation). I like its coverage. It made my pores look smaller, and better in texture.

Did it cause me acne? Apparently not. Which is loves!


Will I buy this again? I was actually trying to find another bottle of this in the mall store. Sadly, they don’t have it since, well, a few months after my purchase. My mom loves this, and I’m thinking of buying her one. I guess I just have to go to my fave online reseller.


Count me sold on primers! Even if this was my first primer, I find myself using this more than my foundation. It has quite good coverage and evens out my skin woes (though I don’t have that much), for days I want to put on make-up but don’t want to go all out.



How about you? Do you use primers?



For those interested in its ingredients, I’m sorry that I can’t provide you the English one. Most of Tony Moly’s products are not yet non-Korean friendly, so we’d just have to either ask our Korean friends/relatives or jump right in and use it. But if you do read Korean and understand it well, here it is! I’m not sure which is which, though.

Both were written on the box of the primer. Oh, and I almost forgot another thing. It had this “Party Lover” written on the box. I guess that would have been the line name. 🙂

Oh, and here’s the back of the bottle:

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