Skinfood: Fruits Brunch Lip Box – #2 Tomato Review

Skinfood’s Fruits Brunch Lip Box #2 Tomato is the only make-up that was given to me as a gift (as of this date). Funny thing about this was I was eyeing on purchasing this one but I didn’t do so since I had too many lip colors waiting to be used. And if my mom sees me bringing this home, she’ll  scold me. Hehehe.

It’s also a good thing that I didn’t buy this. They’d have a tough time thinking of what to buy for me. It was the last piece on sale.

Skinfood claims that:

A lip box that contains soft, moist lipstick and glossy pearl lip gloss to leave your lips moisturized and shiny.


Actually, there are 4 variants in the line: #1 Strawberry, #2 Tomato, #3 Cafe Cinnamon, #4 Peach. I actually own 3 out of 4. I’ll review them later on, once I open them. If my memory servers me right, the only brunch box I don’t own is the #1 Strawberry, because it didn’t go on sale. I hauled the other 2 when it went 50% off. Yes, from the mall store again. I’ll post the price when I do review the other two.


The lip box is a small rectangular metal box. I find the design gearing towards the earlier years (old school), but I find it really nice and pretty. One design flaw – sometimes, it’s quite hard to pop the box open.

Each box comes with 1 mirror, a small lip brush and 3 lip colors. Among the lip color, there are 2 lipsticks and 1 gloss (right most). The gloss comes in with shimmer, aside from being shiny.


As for the colors, I actually like them. It matches my medium to tan skin tone. These has almost no smell at all. Good for those with sensitive noses. Yay! As for the taste, it didn’t have any good or bad taste. Just neutral.

This will fail to those people who are looking for a better color pay-off. This is only good for those days that you want a subtle to no make-up look with a swipe of color. I don’t mind really. That’s the kind of look I normally carry around. Color also doesn’t last that long, as opposed to the lipstick norm. This only lasts 2 to 3 hours given that you don’t do anything with your lips. After you drink water, it is as if it’s not there any more. In contrast to what Skinfood claims, I find all 3 colors more of a gloss than a lipstick.


On the positive note, dry skinned people will like this being moist. But if you’re after the matte look, don’t even bother getting this. This lip box gives you the dewy look.


As for the lip brush, I find it quite useless if I’m using this at home. It’s a little hard to use since the brush seems to be stiff to one direction.



Will I purchase this? I actually purchased the other 2. Even if it doesn’t last long, not matte, and subtle. I’m not the type to wear bold make-up all day long. I also like the packaging – it’s so cute. Also, having this in my bag, I don’t need to bring a compact mirror. And you can reuse the metal box once you’re done with the lip colors. The middle portion can actually be removed, but this will destroy the lip color and brush holder.


Have you tried this? Don’t you just love the packaging?



For those interested with the ingredients, I can’t provide it to you. Most of the text at the bottom of the lip box is in Korean. I’m not even sure if it had listed the ingredients there. If you can understand Korean, well, here it is:

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