The Body Shop: Hi-Shine Lip Treatment – Shade 23 Beige Sparkle Review

Since I’ll be out 2 days next week, (Monday and Tuesday) due to country’s holidays, I plan to make up for it. Plus, I’m not doing much today too.


I mentioned in the last post that I had gift certificates from The Body Shop. Hi-Shine Lip Treatment – Shade 23 Beige Sparkle was the second item I bought using the gift certificate.

I didn’t have any particular interest in this product. It was just on sale, and I wanted a shimmery lip gloss. This was the last of its kind that store.

The Body Shop claims that:

This mini lip treatment is super-glossy and super-fruity. It gives lips maximum shine with a hint of sparkle.


They weren’t kidding when they said mini. This tube is only contains 6ml of the product housed in a small soft plastic tube. It costed me P195 (roughly $4.61). It is as big as the photo above. I didn’t mind it for being so small. Heck, I like it for being small. Very mobile, can fit to anywhere and I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t finish the tube. There are actually 4 color variants, but this the only one left when I bought it.

Once you open the cap, you’d notice that the tip is arched to match the contour of your lips. Loves it! You can just open it, swipe on the lips, and you’re done.

The lipgloss is a translucent, light beige goo with a lot of glitter. I didn’t even spread it at the photo above and you can see how much it shimmers under the light. Mine has this passion fruit smell going on. It’s a bit strong and the smell lasts for a long time. Sensitive noses might not like this. It also tastes like passion fruit.

As for the wear time, it doesn’t last that long. 2 hours and it’s almost gone. Best if you had balm under it since it feels tight wearing it as is. It is also sticky on the lips. Color pay-off, it didn’t add much color. It’s as if it didn’t existed if it weren’t for the shimmer and the dewy effect.


Will I buy this again? I’d like to haul the other 3 colors. Sadly, it seems like this product is limited edition. Either that or these stores don’t restock these cute glosses.



How about you? Do you mind the size or you’re ok with it?



For those interested with the ingredients,click here!

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