Etude House: Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint #2 Tangerine Follower Review

It’s Friday, finally! I’m really looking forward to our long weekend getaway. I will do a review on the places we will be staying in the coming days. Hey, that’s being random right?


Today, I will be reviewing one of the items I showed in my make-up purse post – Etude House’s  Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint.

I came in the Etude House store just one day in search of a new lip tint. The Skinfood lip tint that I had dried my lips badly. What really convinced me to buy this was that it only costs P298 (roughly$7.05) a stick. Isn’t that cheap?

Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint #2 Tangerine Follower is a stick-type lip tint that changes color after application. It has an SPF of 13. It is one of the tints under the Miss Tangerine line, but the only color adjuster.


Etude House claims that:

Energetic lip expression with trendy, UV protection tint color. 

This cool, glossy tint stick goes on clear but changes shades according to your passion. 

As of most Korean products, their packaging is really adorable. The tint is housed in a white tube with light tangerine spots on the first half, and the label on the bottom half. This reminds me those play lipsticks for little girls.

Once you remove the cylinder cap, you’d see that the lip tint is of bright tangerine color. It has this tangerine candy smell, but not overwhelming. Smell disappears after a while. It tastes like those powdery tangerine candies I used to eat when I was younger.

You would be probably wondering how this will match my skin tone given that it’s bright tangerine. This tint actually changes color after application.

After application, it changes into rose peach. I really love this kind of tint.

I would normally swipe it once or twice per lip since it becomes too bold for me if I do it more than 2. This one dried my lips a bit, but not as bad as Skinfood’s Tomato Jelly Lip Tint. So moisturizing is very important prior and during use.

Color pay-off, well, it’s really up to you on how many times you’ve swiped it on your lips. But it only stacks up to a certain level. It can be very subtle or a little bold. This one lasts me on an average of roughly4 hours. It is glossy only at the beginning. What I do after I swipe it is I would pat my lips with tissue paper so it won’t be that glossy, and would have this natural look.

But one part that Etude House failed is when it said it matches your passion. I’ve been using this for more than a month, and I don’t see any other colors. I even compared it with my sister after application, and it still gave the same color.


Will I buy this  again? I surely did. In fact, I bought 3 more and gave it away to my sister and friends as gifts. I kept another one sealed in my drawer. I love the subtle color look, the smell and taste, has SPF and cute packaging . But most of all, it’s darn cheap!



Do you get a kick out of color adjusters?



For those who can read Korean, here’s the side of the box for more info.

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