The Face Shop: White Tree Snow Facial Treatment Cream Review

The last 5 days flew by so fast! We spent our long weekend end in Subic. Such a nice place! I’ll review it soon. We really enjoyed our long weekend.


For today, I will be reviewing one of my old purchases – White Tree Snow Facial Treatment Cream.


My first haul in The Body Shop was mainly because of the linen pouch that I so wanted to get. And with this, I came up with 4 items. I already reviewed 2 of them, and will be reviewing the third one – White Tree Snow Facial Treatment Cream.

My expectations with this product is very simple. It should perform better than Tomato Whitening Serum in terms of whitening.


The White Tree Snow line aims to brighten the user’s skin:

Snow Crystal Inspired Brightening Skincare

Inspired by the dazzling brightness of snow, we focused on how moisture enhances the brilliance of pure white snow and developed WHITE TREE SNOW, the skincare products that brighten and add a moist flow for even brighter skin tone.

This is Global Standard Product of THE FACE SHOP.


What The Face Shop claims for this cream:

Snow white cream brightens and firmness

Hydrating cream with soft, whipped cream texture melts on skin like fresh snowflakes to brighten and smooth.

Directions: Apply AM and PM after Hydra Advance Emulsion.


I got this for P1,175 ($27.70) with 45ml worth of product. It’s expensive buying from The Face Shop mall stores so you’d get a reasonable amount of savings if you bought it from a friend or relative in S.Korea, or from an online seller.

The treatment cream comes in a plastic x glass tub. Be careful in handling this! Those who are particular in dipping their fingers to the product would be turned off with the design. The way it was packaged is very good – simple yet elegant looking.

The cream comes in milky white color. It’s quite thick and moisturizing. This is actually good for colder months for combi skinned people, but dry ones might find it a little lacking. It has this lovely scent – a little stronger than Skinfood’s Whitening Tomato Serum, but better. It smells smooth and a little flowery – not the cheap kind. Once applied, the smell disappears after a while. The cream sort of blends in nicely into your skin as well.


So did it perform better than the Tomato Serum in the whitening department? Sadly, it didn’t. It did however lighten the skin a bit, but not as good as the Tomato Serum.


Will I buy this again? No, given that it didn’t exceed the performance of the Tomato Serum. There are better products out there with good prices.


How about you, still interested in trying this out?



For those who are interested in its ingredients, click here! But if you just want to see the ingredients less the analysis, check it out below.

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