Etude House: Look at My Eyes – GD03 Sand Gold Review

I’m not really a fan of eye shadows for the reason that I get a kick out of rubbing my eyes. I only have a few, probably half or a third of my lip product population. But because I was attending the wedding of my boss that time, I had to get a good eye shadow color. It should match my dress (designed by my mom and I, and she sew it) and my tan skin. So I went to Etude House and got this – Look at My Eyes GD03 Sand Gold.

Look at My Eyes is a powder eye shadow line of Etude House. There are plenty of colors to choose from. You can select one with shimmer or without. I got GD03 Sand Gold because it matches my skin, dress and can be worn in practically any outfit.

I bought this for P178 (roughly $4.21). It’s fairly cheap, but you can get it cheaper if you buy it directly from S.Korea via a relative or a friend. Online resellers may have a tendency to sell it higher than the mall store price here in my country. At least this will serve you as a guide when you do online shopping for a good price.


The eye shadow is housed in a glass x plastic round container. Isn’t the packaging pretty? But be careful when handling this. I accidentally dropped it on the floor, while open, and the lid broke off from the body. Sob! I had to superglue it together.

When applied, this really looks like gold – those real gold jewelry with high carat (tipping towards bronze color). I can imagine Cleopatra wearing this kind of color on her lids. But this one shines and sparkles like the exaggerated gold in our imagination or in TV shows. Note that I got the one with shimmer because I love shimmery stuff. Those with older eyes may not like this as much as I do though.

Color pay-off is fairly decent. It can go quite subtle (which I normally use) or you can build it up to a certain level – but do be careful! It’s more of shimmer than color.

If settled properly, this can last up to 4 hours. Since I love rubbing my eyes, it lasts shorter on me. Bad habit!


Will I buy this again? This will last me for quite a long time, so I don’t see myself getting the same color. I am very much satisfied with the color. I am open to purchasing another one, probably the tangerine, sapphire blue or emerald green. I love this!


I do hope I don’t grow old fast so I can enjoy the shimmer.


Do you like shimmer as much as I do?



For those who’d be interested in the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you. It didn’t come with one.

Drop a message here ~~~

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