Skinfood: Jojoba Oil & Sugar Foot Polish Review

One of the purchases I made from the Skinfood mall outlet because they have a sale was the Jojoba Oil & Sugar Foot Polish.  It was 50% off! The impulsive shopper in me just had to get it. And my other rationale was I didn’t have foot scrub, and my foot needs one. Wearing Havaianas on rest days gave me rough soles.

Jojoba Oil & Sugar Foot Polish is one of the foots scrubs in Skinfood. There was another one on sale,  Orange & Mint Foot Scrub, but I believed that Jojoba Oil & Sugar Foot Polish will exfoliate my foot better.

Skinfood claims that:

A moisturizing foot scrub with jojoba oil and mineral-rich sugar granulates. If will gently polish away rough skin from you feet and heels, leaving them soft and smooth.

To use: Apply an adequate amount to damp feet after shower. Gently massage all over each foot, and then wash off with water. More delicate massage may be needed for rough areas.

Don’t mind the grammar. I bet you saw it too.


I only spent P575 ($13.65, estimated), the 50% off price, for 120g of the product. But I bet you can get it a little lower if you bought it from a friend or relative in S. Korea.

The foot polish comes in a plastic container with a soft metal cover. Do make sure the jar is at an upright position once you remove the plastic protection.  The oil tends to leak out if it is not positioned properly.

As you can see from the photo above, the oil separates from the scrub. You need to mix it well prior to using it. The granules settles at the bottom of the jar whereas the oil settles above it.

I dare not swatch it on my hand after I used it twice, so this photo should do.  The granules are brown sugar crystals and something that reminds me of the crushed walnut shells from St. Ives facial scrub. It reeks horribly. It may had been due to the Jojoba Oil, but don’t quote me on this one. One applied on the skin, it is very oily (the icky kind) and hard to wash off (that’s why I don’t swatch it on my hand).

The icky feeling and repulsive smell aside, it does moisturize your foot real good. It works as a good foot polish – it removed some of my dry, flaky skin on the feel. But it can’t do wonders on the hard to scrub off portions.

One major downfall – it is hard to rinse off. The icky feeling stays behind even after you soaped your feet well. After using this, be careful in walking barefoot, you might slide on the marble floor or tiles because of your feet. I didn’t like wearing slippers after this because the icky feeling attaches to my slippers.


Will I buy this again? I didn’t even finish my tub! Maybe Orange & Mint Foot Scrub would have been a better choice. I really dislike the icky feeling and the fact that it is tough to wash off. Other than that, it’s all good.


How about you? Have you tried this?



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who’d prefer to check it out minus the analysis, check it out below.

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