Maybelline: Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm – Cool Mint Review

Hi! How you’ve all been? It’s had been a long, busy weekend for me. I finally went to my eye doctor to check out if there’s something wrong with my eyes, and I’m happy to say none! Except my allergies, so I’d be laying off the eye make-up for a while. And I finally had my haircut, but quite unsure if it matches me. I tried out something new, and I ended up looking like like this minus the middle bangs. That’s Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach.

One of my most used lip balm would be Maybelline’s Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm in Cool Mint. Funny thing about this is that this was an accidental find.

Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm in Cool Mint was something I picked up from a warehouse sale. I bought this at P80 ($1.90). It was a little less than its retail price, though. I gave out quite a lot of it as Christmas presents along with other items. So I left I for me to try it out.

This lip balm only comes in stick form. It has this green eucalyptus leaves in green circles all over. The balm itself is a white, translucent stick. The pictures shows it’s slight red-pink, because it got mixed up with my tint.

Since I got the Cool Mint flavor, well, it smells like mint! It’s actually also cool on the lips. The smell is not overpowering, kind of reminds me of normal mint hard candies. It’s somewhat sweet too. I normally would buy mint lip balms for myself. I rarely get those other flavors (strawberry, raspberry, etc) since I really dislike the smell.Well, maybe except The Body Shop’s Cranberry Lip Balm.

The winning trait of this balm is that it alleviated my dry, crack lips over a period of time. I fell in love with it afterwards. It’s very moisturizing on the lips, but somewhat sticky. I would use this on my lips before any lip color. If my lip suddenly goes dry, I’d reapply this on, which contributed to its light red – pink color.

Such a cheap and wonderful find!

I could have bought this again, but sadly, it can’t be found anywhere. Sob! I’m off to find another lip balm.


How about you? Can you still find this in your area?


I’d gladly give you the ingredients, but I already threw out the cardboard that came with this even before I took a  photo of it.



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