Maybelline: Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm – Relieving Menthol Review

Since I do want a replacement for my Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm – Cool Mint, I decided to look into the same brand, and buy from there. I was actually in Watsons that time, and in quite a rush to get a new, colorless mint lip balm, so I picked this one.

I wonder, will this be as good as my previous lip balm?

Maybelline’s Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm is so far their latest lip balm line, or at least latest sold in Watsons in my country. There’s quite a handful of flavors – the usual ones, but I got the Relieving Menthol since I like those minty and colorless type of lip balms.

Maybelline New York claims:

The next generation of lip balm is born, from Maybelline New York.

Adult strength care for baby soft lips.

Instant 8H Moisture

Shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushoned lips all day long.

In one week, rejuvenated lips

It’s proven: Centella Essence increases cell turnover to literally transform your lips.

  • Fine Lines Reduced
  • Elasticity Increased
  • Suppleness Increased


That’s quite a lot of claim.
For a regular sized stick of balm, this one costed me P79 in Watsons (roughly $1.91). Not bad..

The stick holds 4g of the product. It’s your typical sized stick, so no need to expect much from it.

Even if the photo shows that the stick is slightly pink, I assure you it comes clear on the lips. It has this menthol scent going on, similar to any menthol candies. It actually smells exactly like Hall’s Menthol Candy. Sensitive noses might find this quite good for them since the scent is not too strong.

Once applied, you feel that it’s actually cool. Must be the menthol effect. But see, it’s clear. No color here.

On moisture, I find it quite waxy once applied. It’s not as mositurizing as its predecessor, Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm. Frankly speaking, it didn’t alleviate my crack lips even after prolonged use. Though, it was quite good as support prior to my tints. I still prefer the line before it in terms of moisture.

As for its 8H claim, I don’t see it happening. I need to apply it 2-3 times within 8hours.


Was this a good buy? Not so much. It’s your typical balm that does not live up to its promises. It’s cheap (being below P100), yes, but that’s just it.


I do hope I get to find a good replacement for my old lip balm. I have so much tint to try on!



For those who’d want to know its ingredients, click here. For those who’d just want to see it less of the analysis, check it out below.

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