ONE Naturales: Shea My Lips Lip Balm Review

While I was looking over blogs for a good and affordable lip balm, I came across One Naturales. There were raves about it. But what really sealed the deal was when they had their anniversary sale.

Without any hesitation, I bought their lip balm.

ONE Naturales is actually a brain child of a Filipina. This is a local brand. They boast that they are:

  • Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural

without sacrificing the quality and price. And they do have this darn cute packaging.

I got my Shea My Lips for P199 ($4.70). Not bad. It has roughly 10g of the product in it. Among the 6 flavors, I chose this since it was the only one left in the shelves. They all come in small brown pouches with tags. The lip balm itself is encased in a small tin container.

She My Lips does not contain provide any color on your lips. I am not so sure with the other flavors though. Shea My Lips initially gave me an impression of those small candles, due to its color and how it was packaged within the tub. Those who are particular with using their hands directly into products might find the packaging a turn-off.

All of their products are scented. Mine carried the really sweet candy-like smell. Which I hated – it makes me sick since it’s too sweet for my taste. People with sensitive noses would dislike this also. The scent disappears after quite sometime.

For moisture, it does provide a good amount of it. Once applied, it feels waxy on the skin. But it sort of melts eventually. It doesn’t give you this dewy/oil-on-my-lips look, a plus for the product. And, it did help my youngest brother’s chapped lips. He actually finished 2 of these. He likes it because it didn’t make him look all girl-y with the straight forward packaging, and no tint, no dewy effect.


Will I buy this again? For myself, I would not even touch this. But these make good gifts, so I’d most likely buy it as presents for Christmas. And yes, for my little brother.



2 things I love from ONE Naturales would be their lotion and their massage bar. They smell heavenly!



You can visit their website at:

Their products are available in some of the Watsons in the area.



For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here, But if you’d just want to view it, see below.

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