Shu Uemura: Depsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel Review

No, I have not overlooked the misspelled “Depsea”. It says so in the packaging! See?

Now do you believe me?

Depsea Moisture Replenishing Eye Gel is the only product from a pricey brand that I had ever bought for myself. So far.


I got this from a warehouse sale, P495 (roughly $11.72) years back for 15ml of the product. I bought it because I was looking for a good eye treatment wherein it will lessen (if possible, eliminate) my panda eyes. I wouldn’t want to know how much this really costs, but definitely not something I would buy out of whim. Though, I’m eyeing on Benefit right now. Hmm…

This eye gel is supposed to treat your eye woes. When I bought this, it came with a paper inside, explaining stuff. I’d edit this post and put it here later.

The eye gel only comes in tube, with a long nozzle in the end. To get probably the last bit of the product, you need to cut it apart. But one thing I love with regard to its packaging – it’s shiny blue exterior! Don’t you just find it classy?

The product comes out as a white translucent gel. But not to worry, it is absolutely colorless on skin. Another plus for this product that the gel is scentless. Sensitive noses will love this! It is a little cool on the skin at first, and it gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly.

It does live up to its claim – it moisturizes quite well. I’ve used this for a few months, and I did notice it dealt with puffiness and dryness more than the dark circles. It is as if I got a good night’s rest for the past few days. I used this mainly as my day eye cream.


The winning trait of this eye gel is that I still get to use this even if my eyes are all itchy due to allergies. There are specific months of the year that my allergies would go on hyper mode (affects my eyes, nose, throat and skin), and this is the only eye skin care that I was able to use.


Will I buy this again? I would, but I’m afraid that it might be too much for my pocket. This is a very, very good day eye cream since it is not heavy on the eyes. And I can use this on months that I’m allergic to almost everything. Younger and older people will like this. But those with extreme dryness would prolly want to add some more moisture.


I wish this would go on sale again. I’m feeling under the weather because we had to rummage the stockroom yesterday for some equipment and now, I have this bad case of allergies. So, I haven’t used anything on my face.


Sadly, Shu Uemura does not have plenty of stores here in my country (similar to Benefit). So I would need to schedule my trip to their stores.



If you are interested with its ingredients, click here!

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