Fake Make-up?

When I was in the mall few hours ago, hovering around while waiting for my brother to arrive. There was this cosmetic sale within the mall’s function room. And of course, it attracted me. I went thru all stalls and I found a stall that sells Benefit. In fact, the only stall that sells Benefit. Note that this was a reseller. And yes, I bought something out of her stall. Who wouldn’t?

I bought Benefit’s The Big 10 Set. It is filled with mini sized products of Benefit. And I bought it for only P1,200 (that’s roughly $28.52).

I also bought Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Concealer for P250 ($5.94). Count me surprised! I know they had been discontinued. Who knows, they might had horde it at some reputable warehouse sales I’ve been to.

One thing’s for sure, I’m quite terrified to try the Benefit on. I’ve read numerous accounts of fake Benefit products being sold online. Though the seller from the fair claimed that they had indeed bought it from US and reselling it here, I had my doubts. And horrible part is that they don’t sell online, but they do have a physical store located in Alabang.

I’m really itching to swatch the Benefit products on my hand and then, compare it to the swatches I would be getting from a real Benefit store from the mall. I’ll probably do it next Thursday PM. I will definitely keep you posted on that one. The products that I will most likely bring would be:

  • POREfessional
  • Benetint
  • Posietint
  • Highbeam

However, I have this gut feeling that the set I bought is fake. Even if I open it up now, I can’t smell it due to my allergies.

But if my recent haul is indeed fake, I’d be super sad. This was supposedly my first take on Benefit. Sob!

I have other make-up I bought 2 months ago over a groupbuying website, CashCashPinoy. Now, I’m being paranoid if they are real or fake.

Both are Majolica Majorca products. My gut-feel says that this has a high chance of being authentic. Though, I’m willing to try the Blood On and compare it against the stocks in Watson’s. And its dent on my pocket is not as horrible as Benefit.

I am surely hoping that these are authentic. Or else I had an expensive lesson learnt.

I just I should save up and buy them off the mall stores to get a piece of mind. Or from my favorite online reseller, TLC Shop. I’ve proven that they do indeed sell authentic Korean Make-up. Since I do buy Skinfood off the mall store, I’ve bought products from TLC Shop that I had tried and raved about already.


I should have just stuck with my belief in buying make-up and skin care: It’s ok to spend more on authentic make-up than settle with anything less. You only have one face and you will wear it for the rest of your life.




Have you ever bought any fake make-up?

2 thoughts on “Fake Make-up?

  1. I’m pretty sure the Majolica Majorca one’s are real. The Benefit definitely no, the mousse, I feel like it’s real too but I have seen Maybelline mascaras that are fake. Which is weird since they’re drugstore makeup.


    1. Hi CJ! Thanks for dropping by. yes, the Benefit’s a dud. The Majolica Majorca ones are real, which makes me so happy. The Maybelline one, I’m still finding myself if I should try it or not since I’m having allergies recently. Not good to for product reviews.


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