Elizabeth Arden: 2 Eyeshadow Review

This is one of my very first make-up, Elizabeth Arden’s 2 eyeshadow. This was given to me as a gift by my aunt.

Due to the age of this thing, you’d probably would not (or would be hard to) see this in the internet. We’ve been thru a lot, this eyeshadow.


Aside from perfumes and lotions, Elizabeth Arden does carry make-up. But it is more popular with the former than the latter.



Since I got this as a gift, I wouldn’t know how much exactly this would have costed years back. But it weighs roughly 2.3grams. And this is made in the US, good for those who are quite paranoid in buying products made elsewhere.

Mind you, I have totally no idea what line this came from. I just lifted it from the back of the casing.

This little palette contains 1 very small mirror, 2 eyshadows and 1 applicator. The mirror is so small, but just enough for you to see your eyes. As for the applicator I’ve shown above, that’s not the original one. I already replaced it since it was beyond comfortable use. Packaging-wise, the entire thing is small so you can carry this with you in your purse for touch-ups.

Going to the eyeshadows, one is plain and the other one has shimmer. The pink one gives this powdery pink hue, while the one with shimmer has this mocha plus shimmer hue. What I dislike about this is basically the eyeshadow itself. It’s very light, even lighter than subtle. So you really need to build it up to get a good color. Though I tried building it up, but it just looks so fake on me.

I also find the eyeshadow a bit too powdery upon application. The color also does not last long on my lids, considering I would use this on a less humid environment.


Will I buy this out of my on pocket? No way. I can get better color pay-off from a cheaper brand. I don’t see myself coming to Elizabeth Arden for eyeshadows in the future.



But I will indeed keeping coming back to their perfume. I just love their perfume! I’ve tried already 4 from that brand. I love the perfume but totally dislike their eyeshadow.



Have you tried their eyeshadow? What’s you take on it? Share below! 🙂

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