Avon: Slick Tint for Lips – Glossy Opal Review

When my mom went to the US for vacation, she bought a couple of Slick Tints from Avon. One was for me (Glossy Opal) and the other was for her (something red and sparkly).

Slick Tint is a product made from Avon. In my make-up experience so far, I only have had 3 Avon products, and this is the third one.

Avon claims that this tint will:

Add a hint of color to your lips. Goes on lightly to give lips that “just right” pouty look.

It also mentioned in my stick that it “provides sheer color and shine!”. That we have to see.

Since this was given to me as a gift, I cannot provide you its cost. But based on its website, it’s at $0.99 for a 4.2g of it. Not bad. Avon has this store in San Fernando, Pampanga, and I still have to check it out if my significant other will permit me to do so. You see he’s very iffy at going with him in those stores. And I will have to make it up to him big time if I do indeed make him go.

My stick, Glossy Opal, has this bright pink hue. Too pink for my taste. I have no idea why my mom chose a pink hue for me, she probably thought it would suit me and my age quite well. Props for Avon for creating a product not that scented, so sensitive noses would definitely like this.

Upon application, it is indeed light bright pink with shimmer. A lot of shimmer. This goes a little subtle on the lips, the color, but it gives this impression you sort of have a sparkly silver lip. You can apply more to get more pink, but do note you are getting way more shimmer.  Younger ages with whiter skin would love this color. For those who are tan and older, probably would not – unless your taste is like Nicki Minaj and can rock it like her. I only use this on occasions I attend to at night. I can’t imagine myself wearing this during the day, goodness!

I don’t even understand why they called this a tint to begin with. For me, it’s like a lipstick with a whole lot of shimmer.


Given that this is full of shimmer, don’t expect that this would last long. Shimmer lasts for a couple of hours or less, while the pink color, isn’t that obvious to make any judgement, maybe 3?


One good thing about this tint though, is that it didn’t dry my lips that much.



But if in case I see this in the store, I’d probably buy some more, but of different color. It’s so darn cheap and it doesn’t dry my lips out. But it would require me multiple subtle applications within the day. And I don’t mind shimmer, as long as it’s not this pink!  I would definitely suggest this as a purchase due to its price, but do get a better color.



Would you be apply to wear this kind of color and shimmer?



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But those who would rather view it minus the analysis, view it below.

2 thoughts on “Avon: Slick Tint for Lips – Glossy Opal Review

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by! I’m not sure if you can buy it from an Avon representative or if it is still available. I got mine as a gift and it was years back!


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