The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

I mentioned in my yesterday’s post that from The Body Shop’s membership card, I got 2 items for free – Vitamin E Hydrating Toner and Vitamin E Moisture Cream.
Will this do good to my combination skin?

The Body Shop claims that their Vitamin E Moisture Cream is:
Everybody’s favorite and our bestseller. An easily absorbed daily moisturising cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

My free tub only contained 15ml. The full size is at 50ml at the price of $16.50 (from their website).

Their cream comes only in tub form, so those particular in dipping their hands into tubs might not see this as a good thing. In the tub, the cream looks baby pink.

On skin, the cream looks more of white. This cream has this certain lotion-perfume smell, a little subtle. This might be a bother to those with sensitive noses. I didn’t find the smell bothering, but I found it a tad more perfume-y than my liking.

When rubbed across the skin, it feels like I’m using some lotion – lightweight, not like your typical creams, exactly what The Body Shop said. This cream is quite hydrating, that my face didn’t like as much (combination skin in a humid weather).  It didn’t like it so much that it gave me a bump in my T-zone.


But I do use this on my neck. My necks is drier than the dry parts of my face. I use this at night, and the next day, I’d see it well-moisturized and it didn’t feel icky, either.


Will I buy this in full size? Probably not. Since I can’t use this on my face.



This cream is better off with drier or older skins or during drier seasons (winter), as long as they’re not sensitive to the smell. It is quite moisturizing even if it has this lightweight, lotion feel. But those with combination to oily skin in a humid weather, better think twice! Price might be the major deciding factor here for all parties. If this is on sale, you might want to give it a try. The Body Shop here in my country loves to give promos.



For those interested with its ingredients, click here! But those who would want to view it less the analysis, check it out below.

4 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

    1. Cool! 😀 So I guess you are combi skin like me, right? 🙂 Unfortunately, we don’t have winter here, so I can only use it during the cold months at night. 🙂


      1. No I have OILY skin like no other 😡 but I’ve heard that oily/combo skin produces so much oil because its actually trying to make up for stripped oils we take away from cleansing and such so by giving it added moisture it can actually reduce the production of a lot of oil 😀


        1. Well, you’re right. There are days though that I go put nothing on my face. But I feel like my oiliness comes from stress and the humid weather here. 🙂


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