Make-Up Haul: August 2012 – Mid-September 2012

I am going to be busy soon. My new boss just talked to me so it kinda ate up my time for today’s blog.

I’d like to share with you my recent hauls. So this is some stuff you’d be expecting that will pop-up soon, after I’ve finished my backlogs. I won’t be posting prices, by the way. I’ll show them once I get to review them. I don’t have a consolidated photo of them since I was in a hurry to take photos. I’m hiding this stash from the authorities (a.k.a. parents).


Let’s start with stuff from Beauty Credit and The Body Shop. This will be the first time you’d see me posting about Beauty Credit. Beauty Credit is a Korean brand, not so popular in my country. They are darn cheap since I bought it in Subic, a VAT Exempt zone. This is my second purchase from their store.

  •  Beauty Credit
    • Lovely Eye Color in PK13, BL 41, GN17
    • Oil Control Film
    • Lovely Cheek Color in PK01 Vanilla Pink
  • The Body Shop
    • Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome in 21 Crazy Coral and Pinch Me Pink


Next stop, from Etude House, Tony Moly and Skinfood. They are all bought in their mall stores.

  • Etude House
    • Dear My Milky Gloss in MOR201, MOR202, MPK001 (not arranged in order)
    • Milk Talk Body Wash (which came in free from my purchase)
  • Tony Moly
    • Cats Wink Crazy Tint Stick in 03 Blue, 01 Green and 02 Yellow
    • Tony Tint in Red Apple (came in free!)
  •  Skinfood
    • Tomato Jelly Lip Tint in #1 Cherry


My first time purchases in there stores: Benefit and Missha.

  • Benefit
    • How To Look The Best At Everything
  • Missha
    • The Style Perfect Concealer in Light Beige
    • Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF 30 (Came in with its own concealer brush. I got the lighter shade. SA said this is the highend line in Missha)
    • Some freebies from my Missha purchase: Near Skin Firming Project Concentrating Emulsion and Time Revolution Dark Control Cream (have to validate if I got this one correctly. Can’t figure the name on it through the photo)



And how can I forget my purchases from that darn Cosmetics Convention.

  • Maybelline
    • Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory



Well, that’s all for now. Ouch, my pocket/card.



What did you like the best out of my haul? Are you curious with Beauty Credit?

2 thoughts on “Make-Up Haul: August 2012 – Mid-September 2012

    1. Can’t wait to use them. But I still have a lot more prior to them. My current round of make-up will be tossed soon since it had reached it expiry. 😀


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