Skinfood: Soothing Pear Body Gel Review

One of the oldest purchases my mom and I had in Skinfood was the Soothing Pear Body Gel, just because it was on sale.

Skinfood claims that:

This water-drop type shower gel glides on with burst of water drops providing pleasant cooling sensation on the skin. Formulated with acid-rich pear extracts gives an refined, smooth look to the body.

To use: After shower, massage until it is absorbed into skin.



We got this from the mall store, at 50% off, P412.50 (roughly $9.92) with 300ml of the product. So I guess this would be the possible price, if not really near, in S. Korea. You’re really better off buying it from a relative/friend there or, from an online reseller.


This only comes in transparent pump bottles, so it will be easy for you to see if there’s still some left and scrape it to the last drop. This design will really favor those who do not like dipping their hands into the product. Packaging-wise, it can stand still while dispense some gel off the bottle.

Upon dispensing, it comes out as a translucent gel, This looks like the paste we have, but more translucent. It has this pear scent, plus a hint of typical Skinfood smell. I don’t find it overpowering, but rather subtle and a little sweet. Those with sensitive noses may not like this. It is a little cool on the skin also.

It is hydrating and refreshing, true but not moisturizing. Dry skinned people might be turned off with this since they will need more hydration from the product. Normal skinned people would probably be ok with this. This doesn’t feel oily or icky on the skin, and it gets absorb fast due to it being lightweight.


Another bonus, it doesn’t leave that icky, itchy film gels normally leave one they’re dry. Yay!



But I don’t see myself (or my mom) coming back for it. My skin (face not included) is extremely dry. I will definitely need more hydration, especially on colder, drier months. Also, it doesn’t have those SPF going on, so you need to slather yourself some sunblock to get the SPF protection you need.



I’d recommend that this can be a good source of hydration on those hot and humid months of the year, and if your nose is not sensitive. But for those with extra dry skin or on the colder, drier months, you’re better off with another product given the same price.




For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who’d just want to see them without analysis, see below.

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