Skinfood: Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Review

Since I left at home the photos of what I should be doing today, I shall go with what I have with me.

One of the most hyped products of Skinfood is the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. And I really don’t understand why. It really got me curious so much that when I was browsing over my favorite online reseller for good purchases, I ordered this.

Will it live up to my expectations?


Skinfood claims that:

Black sugar mask with rich minerals and vitamin to provide luster and smoothness to skin.

To use: After cleansing, gently massage over wet face. Avoid eye area. Rinse off.


Since I bought this from my favorite online reseller, I got this for P580 ($14) for 100g of the product, less shipment fee. I checked at the mall, this tub costs P950 ($22.95)! Shipment fee won’t even cost me more than $2. So shame on you mall stores for putting too much mark-up on your products!

But if you have a friend or relative in Korea who would be willing to ship you stuff from Skinfood, do so. You’d get it probably 50% less from the mall store. I don’t mind my reseller’s mark-up, since obviously you’d get it a whole lot cheaper from her, even if I use my membership card on my mall purchase (just 10% off).


When you unscrew the lid of the tub, you’d see that a hard plastic cover is separating the product from the top lid.

What I like about this is that it keeps your product from going to the hard to reach areas of the top lid. In effect,this will provide you more yield.

As you can see, the sugar isn’t really black, as Skinfood had labeled it. It’s just brown sugar. From the photo above, I’ve already scooped one full wooden spatula of it.

No, the spatula didn’t come from Skinfood. The tub of this sugar mask doesn’t come with tools to aid you in scooping your product from the container, so this will definitely irk those who are particular with handling the product with their hands. It’s also a little hassle too since if your hands are already wet, and you scoop some of this, water will go to the tub and dissolves the mask little by little.

Each scoop of the mask is full of brown sugar beads. What I like about this product would be the smell. It’s a little sweet, but not the gross kind of sweet perfume. Just your typical brown sugar with a note of milk and Skinfood’s subtle signature perfume. I like it very much, but sensitive noses might not share the same sentiment since the smell lingers during and even after application.

Frankly, I don’t understand why Skinfood called this a mask. It is a facial scrub, not some stuff you leave on your face for 10-20 minutes. When you spread this product on you face, make sure your skin is wet. I love scrubbing this all over my face. Some may not like it since it’s too beady and they are hard to dissolve. You need to massage it really hard to have it dissolved. I had never dissolved this fully in my entire use of the product.

When you wash this off, you’d notice that your skin feels well moisturized and smooth. When this is diluted with water, you’d notice some milky color it produces.


Doesn’t it sound so good? But it has one pitfall. It broke me out. Apparently, my skin doesn’t like this. I used this during the summer, but I guess it would have been better off when I used this on the colder, drier months due to the moisturizing effect. I didn’t use this everyday, mind you. Just 3-4 times a week, for a month or so.


Since one tub will let you go a long way, I had some left and I didn’t want to use it on my face anymore. So I used this as a body scrub, and it did wonders to my extremely dry skin around the arms and legs.


Will I get this again? I’m not quite sure. I may still give this a chance on the colder, drier months. Or maybe when I’m a little older. I do want to try it’s Rice version. And note, this is not a mask, but a facial scrub!


Love this as a body scrub, but dislike this as a facial scrub during summer.


In case you’re wondering that if this attracted ants, well, it didn’t. I made sure I seal it tightly and no sugar can be found on the exterior of the tub. Either that, or they are just not attracted to it.



For those you are interested with the ingredients with analysis, I’ll post it on a later date since my picture isn’t clear enough to be retyped. But for those who’d just want to view it minus that analysis, check it out below. Thank God they have it in English.

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    1. Hi Chie! Thanks for dropping by. I purchased this thru my favorite online reseller. 🙂 I think I placed this in my post above.


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