North Haven Spa: Green Tea Body Scrub Review

Last February, a colleague of mine went to Baguio City for their flower festival. She mentioned that they also plan to drop by this quite famous spa, North Haven Spa, and if I want something from there. I had absolutely no idea what to take so she suggested for me to get their famous body scrub and massage oil in Strawberry and Green Tea.

I requested for a Strawberry massage oil (for my mom), and Stawberry and Green Teabody scrubs (for my mom and I).

Unfortunately, there weren’t any Strawberry scrubs available, so I only got their Green Tea Body Scrub.

My tub contains 150g of the body scrub. My friend said there are bigger tubs for other flavors, such as Coffee and Strawberry, but they weren’t available when she came there. Mine costed me P195 (roughly $4.69). It also came in this cute green bag, just enough for the tub to fit. Not bad for the price.

Since I got the Green Tea variant, the scrub comes in green goo. No, it doesn’t come with a spatula so you have to scoop it with your hands. Those particular to using their hands in touching their products will definitely not like this.

In the picture above, I had just a finger scooped out the scrub off the tub. The scrub smells like your typical green tea perfume with a  little hint of mint. Sensitive noses will have to think twice in getting this one since the scent is not subtle at all. It is strong, but not overwhelming. But it didn’t irritate my nose, and I found it quite relaxing.

The scrub is cool upon application. If you noticed the picture above, it has sugar-like beads – same color and size of sugar. The beads melt during scrubbing, but not as much.

After you wash, you’ll notice that the smell is still there. It still smells like your typical green tea perfume, subtle, but with a little musky undertones. You’ll notice that your skin feels soft, a little cool, and smooth. It also looks refreshed and radiant.


I will definitely purchase this, and would suggest you try it (except if you’re sensitive to scents).


Doesn’t it sound so good to be true?


But there’s only one downfall. North Haven Spa Body Scrub in Green Tea is available only in Baguio City. Yes, that’s right, they don’t have any store elsewhere. So if you have any friends or relatives that live there, you can ask them to buy you some. The best variants are Strawberry, Coffee and Green Tea. 


I hope someone I know will go back there, so I can request for it. *Sigh*



For those interested with the ingredients, I can’t provide it to you since it’s not available in the packaging.

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