Make-up Haul: September 20, 2012

Fresh from my credit card swipe bag of goodies from today’s trip from the mall!

See? It’s not that much.

And what’s better? I bought it since it was on sale. Except the can of dry shampoo, that is.


We’ll start with my first set of purchases: from Etude House.

From L-R: Aloe Moistfull Mask Sheet (free!), Dear Darling Tint (unsure, but I’ll provide it when I will look at it again) and OMG! Dry Shampoo.

I went inside the store to check-out what’s for sale, and I came across the dry shampoo, like I always do when I go there. And I noticed that it was the only one on the shelf. I confirmed with the SA, and indeed it was the last stock. With that, I took it since I know they might not restock it again for a long, long time. Such a curious product! I bought the tint, just to satisfy the P500 bill, in which I got the mask sheet for free. Do note that the Dry Shampoo wasn’t on sale, just the tint. But both were the last pieces too (and who wouldn’t love the tint – it’s a tint at one end, and a gloss at the other). So, this will be in line for my review soon. Except the mask. I’m still not into mask sheets, so my mom would definitely love this.


Next stop, The Body Shop.

From L-R: Olive Oil Dry Oil Mist, Olive Body Butter

I really have no intention of dropping by The Body Shop, I swear. But when I saw that the Olive Body Butter was at 50% off, I just had to ask my mom if she needs it. She’s a HUGE fan of this one, and she would buy it in pairs when it’s on sale. She, of course, gave the go signal, so I got one for her. As for the mist, I bought it since it was also on sale (40% off), and if I’m not mistaken, it’s limited edition so better grab it! This was my first oil mist to try, 2 years ago I think, before they stopped selling it. This will be up for review, after I finish my backlogs.


I also passed by Tony Moly, and the now have the Orange Milky Tint. So tempting! I want to try all 3 and compare it against the milky tints of Etude House and The Face Shop.. Wah!


That’s all for now. I won’t be hauling again soon since I’m saving up for my biggest purchase so far: iPhone 5! I’ve always wanted an iPhone, and I waited for more than a year for this. Excited much!

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