Skinfood: Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover Review

I was out the entire day yesterday so I wasn’t able to post. It was so insightful but very, very tiring. I’ll try to make it up for the lost day.


It’s been raining hard here lately. And I bet a lot of people would wear heavy-duty, waterproof make-up. Isn’t it such a bother to remove at night? It normally takes me ages with my regular facial wash to remove it, so it got me convinced to buy those make-up removers. Yes, I then went again to my favorite Skinfood mall store and picked up this most peculiar looking make-up remover.

Doesn’t look so peculiar? 2 colored make-up remover!

*Note: This post will be more picture heavy than normal. You have been warned.

Skinfood’s Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover is such an odd find due to its color.

Since I got this from the mall store, it costed me P845 ($20.30) for a 160ml of it. I know, expensive right? So if I were you, I will purchase this from a friend/relative in Korea or from those online resellers. Do note that the original price might be at 50-60% less from my mall purchase.


Skinfood claims that:

Two-layered shaking-type point makeup remover with milk extracts like milkshake with rich and white foam to smoothly remove makeup in eye and lip areas without stimulus and dryness

To use: Shae it up to blend two separate layers of contents and apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad. Then softly wipe out areas around eyes and mouth


Since it comes only in bottle form, it has this cap that you open so the product would come out of it.

Prior to dispensing the remover, I shook it well first. It should look like this after shaking:

I do really like the concept of having 2 colors all shaken up to get 1 good remover. But for people who would just want to remove their make-up and rest, this is definitely not a good choice.

When you dispense it on a cotton pad, the fluid tends to be milky white with a blueish shadow. It has this signature smell of Skinfood, but it doesn’t have the milky scent. I need to get back on you with the scent. One thing’s for sure, it is subtle enough not to bug me.

So did it work? Here are 2 photos describing if it did.

One of the hardest to remove in make-up would be eyeliners since they have to be hard core not to smudge. For demonstration purposes, I used my In2it eyeliner pencil in black.

After 5-6  swipes of the remover, it’s all gone! The first swipe, it removed roughly 40% of it already. I guess it’s because of the oily part of the remover that help clean it out right away. After you use the remover, you’d notice that the area where you wiped with the make-up remover is quite oily, which is probably good since it would moisturize you as well. Sounds too good to be true, right?

The bad part. It gives me this cloudy, blurry vision after use. I frankly don’t understand why. But it wears off after a few seconds. So when I use this, I am really, really careful that it won’t hit my eyes so much.


Would I recommend this? Definitely. It’s such a good piece to add into your make-up cleansers due to its color and packaging, does its job well and moisturizes you along the way. The only bad part is the cloudy vision it gives when you clean by the eye area. I may not buy this again though, since I am such a fan of The Face Shop’s Brightening Rice Water Lip and Eye Make Up Remover (Migamisu) which you shall see soon.


 Will you try this? Let me know how it fairs with you.



For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here! But those who would rather see it less the analysis, check it out below.

I’m sooo sleepy! It took me more than an hour to write this since I was napping in between paragraphs. I hope weekend will come soon!

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