Tony Moly: Juicy Feeling Mist – Cherry Review

This facial mist was an accidental purchase. That faithful day, I went to the store to get the Pocket Bunny Mist, which was unfortunately out of stock. So the SA suggested this to me. And me, being me, purchased it.

And I’ve been in love with it ever since.

Juicy Feeling Mist is a facial mist (duh!). There are I think 3 variants of this: Cherry, Green Tea and Lemon. In the store, Green Tea is always out of stock, next best thing in terms of scent would be Cherry.


This is what Tony Moly has to say about it:

Enliven the senses and melts away sour stress and tiredness


This 1 can of mist costed me around P478 (roughly $11.46). It has 100ml of the mist. Not bad.

The mist comes in a pressurized canister. That’s good since your product won’t be exposed to various bacteria and the like. Another plus is that the product goes out like those water mists we see in strip malls on a summer/hot day – fine and good enough to refresh you.


How to use this? Shake it first, and at arm’s length (or a little less than that), spray it to your face. Pat it to dry, if needed.


On to the product. Upon dispensing, you see the fine droplets that go out of the can. It has a scent, like most of Tony Moly products. It smells synthetic, definitely, but not the awful chemically type. It has this subtle smell of factory-produced cherry. Its scent is similar to the smell of those cosmetics/skin care and make-up stores that sell authentic high-end stuff. It didn’t irritate my nose, in fact, I love the scent. It reminds me of Christmas season, Christmas sales, Hongkong Christmas shopping, Christmas drinks from Starbucks, and brings in good vibes you get during Christmas season.

This one didn’t break me out, even after I finished the can.  After spraying it once, you don’t really feel it on your skin unlike when you spray water off a normal spray bottle. It does feel a little oily, and indeed refreshing on the face. It also does not ruin your make-up.

The reason why I’m so hooked with this is that each time I use this, it is as if it melts away my stress, just what it claims.  I normally use this when I’m stuck in traffic. Imagine this scenario: tired from work, en route to home but got stuck in a payday Friday rush hour traffic, Christmas season style. I’d whip this out and spray on my face, and it just removes my tension and go all merry again.


Also, one nifty feature I noticed about this is when I shake the can, you feel it getting cooler.


Nothing bad here, except that it’s bulky to carry around in your bag.


Will I buy this again? Definitely! I love this! This is good for most types of skin (exception would be to those with sensitive and extra oily – they might want to think twice). May not be good to those with sensitive noses to scents, though. But my combi skin and a-little-sensitive-to-scents nose loved this. This is the reason that made me love Tony Moly so much.


Right now, I’m still sniffing this and thinking of rushing to the store to get one.



For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it in English. It’s only in Korean.


On other items: It is officially the start of Christmas here in the Philippines! Weather’s cold, foggy early mornings, malls are playing Christmas songs, sells Christmas decors, and the like. Oh, how I love this season!

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