Maybelline: Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream Review

The Make-up world’s trend right now is on BB Creams, that originated in Asia. It’s such a hit that the Western side of the world caught on with the bug.

And since I was in a warehouse sale, how can I pass up this opportunity?

*Note: This post is more picture heavy than my regular posts.

This BB Cream is part of Maybelline’s Clear Smooth line. Here’s what Maybelline has to say about it:

How to use: After cleansing your skin, dot a small amount of BB Cream on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and skin. Gently blend outwards. For best results, use with Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder for a natural matte finish, of Clear Smooth EXTRA Powder Foundation for smooth full coverage. 


That’s a mouthful. And that’s why I’d prefer that you’d see it yourself. Now you see why BB Creams are such a hit. They promise to be more than your foundation by offering to adjust to your skin tone (one-size-fits-all kind of thing), work like your sunblock, act like your moisturizer, and perform like your night creams and serums that lessen redness, dark spots and pore size. Sadly, they don’t promise to make you coffee nor wash your clothes yet.


I know, that’s a lot of claim. Do I honestly believe that they work such magic? Is this the end of your foundation?

I got this BB Cream for only P200 ($4.80), and its original price is P250 ($6). One tube has 18ml of BB Cream. Not bad, since you don’t need much to cover your face.

Most BB Creams, like the one I got, come in tube form. The others, come in pump. So this is a good thing for those who are very particular with touching their products.

The BB Cream has this subtle chemical smell, so sensitive noses might think twice. But this didn’t irritate my sensitive nose, so I’m still safe. The BB Cream comes in light tan shade. I bet you’re thinking now, how the heck would it adjust to a darker or lighter skin tone?

I’m no MAC user so I wouldn’t know what NC shade I’d be. Well, at least for now.

On tissue paper, it looks very brown. So it should match my tan skin right?

Upon spreading at the back of my hand, you’d see that a little dot goes a long way, so your 18ml would probably last you long. But the color pay-off isn’t that good. It’s not pigmented enough to cover my green veins on the back of my hand, so I’d say it’s just medium coverage at the most. And the color came out too pasty on my skin – it has this white to sort of grayish cast, which looks too made up on me. Darker skin tones will definitely dislike this, it’s as if you’re walking around with a white film on your face.

Was it long lasting? Yes, definitely would last you 5-6 hours.

Don’t just throw your powder just yet! You still need that to settle this since your face will oil up after a few minutes of use. Oily skinned people would probably think twice. I also noticed that it gave me those tiny bumps on my forehead, so I stopped using this.

But how about it’s other claims? That’s also my biggest question to myself. I didn’t see much change after using this for such a long time, so where did it all go?


Would I buy this again? Definitely not. Yes, it’s cheap and all, but if you add a little more money on its price, you’d probably get a way better BB Cream.


Would I recommend it to you? No, due to its color. Unless you don’t mind its pasty-ness on your face and it being oily – so definitely not good for oily and sensitive skinned people.


I don’t understand how Koreans got their BB Creams down pat, and why Western brands find it hard to catch on. But I guess BB Creams is a hit-or-miss item due to its supposedly other functions.


How about you? Will you shift to BB Creams or just stick to your regular foundation?



For those who are interested with its ingredients, click here! But if you’d like to view them less the analysis, see below!

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