Tony Moly: Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint – 02 Green Apple Review

Due to popular demand, I am forced to write about this. I’ve been raving this to my friends offline, and because of this product, it would have made me an effective SA. But they’ve wondered why I never wrote about it. I have no intention of writing about this since I haven’t used the other 2 colors yet – they are still sitting nicely in my drawer, unopened.

But now, I shall write about my favorite tint.


Nothing intrgues me as much as products that change color upon application. This little suckers always grab my attention (and my money).

This is an exception. It’s so darn cheap!

I have to be honest with you that my first pair of this tint is an intentional purchase. I was browsing over some blogs then I stumbled upon this. And it got me hooked due to its color changing properties. How the heck will some green gelatin become pinkish red? What sorcery is this?

So I went to my favorite Tony Moly store. Luckily, they had this and in strawberry. So I bought both colors. For this review, I shall only provide you the Green Apple.


There are 3 colors of this item: 01 Strawberry, 02 Green Apple and 03 Grape. Strawberry has the lightest color whereas Grape has the darkest. The Green Apple is a safe choice. A pot costed me P198 ($4.7). So it is definitely cheaper in the mall. Shame on you online resellers for putting such high mark-up on a cheap item! Let this serve you as a guide on how much it really is.

The pot is made out of clear plastic. No need to worry if you drop this, it’s fairly durable. I dropped mine multiple of times but it’s still in tact. Since the packaging is in pot form, those particular with handling their products using their fingers will definitely dislike this.


Green Apple has this apple scent, though its rather tasteless. Senstive noses may think twice, but the scent is really subtle. It disappears after a while. When you touch the tint, you’d notice that it’s as if your touching some gelatin.

Here’s a swatch of it on a tissue paper. It’s really clear upon application. But it changes color thru time.

After a few seconds, it goes to this color. Note that I did swipe more than once to achieve this color depth. This tint gets darker the more you swipe it on your lips, but only up to an extent, (think 4 swipes). I’m not sure why it changes color, since on tissue, it doesn’t do much.

Is this long lasting? The tint yes, the gloss no. I honestly don’t like the gloss part, since it makes me look like I ate something oily. When I use this, I dab tissue on my lips to make it look less glossy. The tint on the other hand, lasts up to 5-6 hours, normal tint airtime. So nothing much to see there. Color’s subtle and look very natural so it’s something nice to wear, even in the office, during those times you’d prefer to go light with make-up.

This dries my lips a little, so don’t forget to use your lip balm prior to using this.


Will I recommend this? Due to its price and quantity, and color payoff yes! Such a good, cheap find and that’s why I was able to convince some of my friends to hop onto this bandwagon. Such a novel product to keep and tote around since it changes color and smells like apple! But I don’t recommend wearing this all by itself since it might dry your lips without proper moisturizing.


I love this product! This is the only tint that I have with backup. Well, except for the Follow Me Tint of Etude House. Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint in Green Apple is a staple in my make-up purse, and probably will be a mainstay.


This is one of the items that doesn’t last a week in Tony Moly stores, so once you see it, grab it. I shall be hauling them later for Christmas gifts. I hope there’s still some left.


And that’s what I also did yesterday. See my haul. Nope, those tints ain’t mine.

What do you think? Would you like to get one now?



Oh, here’s the bottom part of my pot. I can’t provide you the ingredients, since it never came in with the packaging.

2 thoughts on “Tony Moly: Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint – 02 Green Apple Review

    1. Yup! I got it for you. Since I know that when you’d get to the store, it will definitely be out of stock. SA’s know me quite well, kaya masmapagbigay sila sakin. 😀 Isn’t it darn cheap?


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