The Face Shop: Herb Day Lip and Eye Make-up Remover Pad Review

To be honest, I’m not in the best mood to do anything today. In fact, I would rather lay down and not move in the house. But since I must go to work today, and writing about something became such a hobby (and a chore, at times), I will.

I just hope this day will pass by. Quite excited to the sale tomorrow. I’d probably pick some shoes or top.

Anyway, on to the review!


At least once a month, I go visit my relatives a little up north. And it’s really, really inconvenient for me to carry normal sized bottles of skin care products. They’re bulky and heavy, plus you risk getting your clothes stained or whatnot with the liquid ones. I’m not the person who’d mask myself with tons of hardcore make-up when I’m not staying in my house, but what I put on I make sure they have good lasting powers. My regular facial cleanser can’t go solo on removing them.

BS aside, the main reason why I picked this product is to reach P1,500 to get more freebies during my May 24, 2012 The Face Shop Haul. Hahaha!

Here’s what The Face Shop has to say about it:

Mild yet thorough lip & eye cleansing pads with plant extracts

Saturated in herbal cleansing complex with Cassia Extract, these make up remover pads are made to provide gentle cleansing for eye area.

DIRECTIONS: Gently press pads on eyelids and lips as needed. Leave on for 10-20 seconds and remove make up using gentle sweeping motion. Rinse with water.

Each pack houses 30 sheets, that just costed me P175 ($4.17). For me it’s fairly reasonable, since it would be P5.83 ($0.14) per sheet. Packaging-wise, this reminds me of baby wipes. Honestly, I don’t even know why Koreans labeled it as pads, when it’s just like wipes or tissue.

See? It really looks (and feels) like wipes! The sheet is as white as your ordinary wipes, same goes also with its fibers. The only difference is that this feels more wet, soapy, and a little oily. It’s half the size of your regular wipes (20cm 6 cm, 70 ml). It also has this a little subtle scent of musky perfume and chemical-y notes. Sensitive noses would dislike this, I don’t like the scent too, but it doesn’t stay on your face when you use the sheet.

For demonstration purposes (and easy comparison with my other make-up removers), I will be using my In2it eyeliner pencil in black.

Viola! And it’s almost gone after 7 wipes. You can still see that there’s a little trace of the eyeliner, but barely there. I didn’t let it sit on my hand for a few seconds as instructed. I quickly dived into sweeping it off. It took me 7 tugs to achieve this state. Perhaps if I did do as instructed, then I may not necessarily had to tug a little hard and/or that many.

After use, my skin feels so oily that I’d just want to wash it off. In contrast to just rinsing it off with water, you’d probably still need to wash it with cleanser since it feels so yucky as if your face is an oil field.


Will I recommend this? Yes! It’s very handy for regular travelers like me, and it does its job quite well, but not as a 100% replacement to your regular removers. But sensitive noses may not like this.

The only disadvantage I see with this is that when you open the flap plenty of times, it tends to lose its stickiness. But given the number of sheets, I’d say it wouldn’t sit around that long. Also, you’d probably dislike the fact that there’s only 30 sheets.


I will definitely buy this again due to it being so handy and such a good performer.



The Face Shop has another product of the same line, with a little different function – for cleansing, and comes in a bigger pack size, and definitely more sheets. Think of it as one of the largest pack size of baby wipes. But I’m not sure if that performs similar to the lip and eye remover.



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! For those who’d just want to view it less the analysis, check it out below.

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