The Face Shop: Quick & Clean Oil Free Sun Cream Review

When I was walking from the parking lot to the office, the rain started to pour. And my puny umbrella did little to save the bottom of my jeans and shoes. Ugh.  So I decided to post something related to the sun today, just an attempt to “brighten” my day. Hope tonight would be better since there’s this sale! 🙂


Feeling the aftermath of the Skinfood’s Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++,I ventured out to find another sun cream. I may need to pick up an oil free one so I won’t get those nasty bumps.

Does The Face Shop have the answer to my problem?


The Face Shop claims that:

This refreshing, fast-absorbent sun cream provides superior, long-lasting UVA and UVB protection for carefree fun in the sun. Infused with Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and White Birch extracts for added armor against the elements, this matte, oil-free formulation keeps sebum production in check while keeping skin health and hydrated.

Directions: Gently spread over exposed skin.


I got this from a mall store and it costed me P525 ($12.54) for a 50g sun cream. Not bad. But you may get it cheaper if you purchase directly from S.Korea since The Face Shop mall stores tend to put a high mark-up on their items.

This sun cream only comes in toothpaste-like tube form. The nozzle is where the sun cream comes out. Those who are particular with being in too direct contact with their products would love this. I do like the packaging, in fact what sold me is the gold screw on cap. I’ve being carrying this around a lot, but the cap didn’t fade or peel its color off.

One downfall with this kind of packaging is that, you need to cut it in half to get every last bit of it, and you definitely cannot reuse the tube.

Apologies for the blurry photo. I was in such a hurry. As you can see, the sun cream comes out as a milky white color. It smells like a subtle hint of your typical sunblock, plus The Face Shop signature fragrance, which is more evident. But both scents are mild. Sensitive noses may dislike this since not only because of the fragrance, but also it sticks on. But my sensitive nose loved this quite a lot and didn’t mind carrying the scent while it lasted.

Upon application, it feels like a not-so-moisturizing lotion. It dries fast, and blends easily despite of its white color. Don’t expect much oil control with this one, but at least it didn’t contribute to more oil on my face.

This doesn’t last long, especially when water’s around.  I tried swimming with it last year. We didn’t have a sunblock with us so we used this as a replacement. They liked the scent and it didn’t irritate their skin. One remarkable feature is that it help not darken our skin while under the sun. Though after swimming, you may still need to slather some more.

Another plus, it didn’t give me acne!


Will I recommend this? Definitely! It does most of what it claims to do, and it’s also cheap. The cons of this product are: doesn’t last long, and doesn’t do much oil control. Other than that, it’s quite a fine product. I’m still baffled if there is a difference between sun cream, sunblock and sunscreen.



Sadly, The Face Shop doesn’t offer this one anymore. They have the oil free kind under their Clean Face line. I wonder, will it still perform the same (or better)?



For those interested with the ingredients,click here! but for those who’d want to just view them less the analysis, check it out below.

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