The Body Shop: Cranberry Shimmer Lip Balm Review

This is a very, very old The Body Shop product. This is one of my backlogs, 2 years ago.


Back in college, I needed an everyday lip balm. That smelled (and tasted) good. That can add a little color. That’s just it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, like the ones I have now. I was influenced by a friend of mine with her Strawberry flavored lip balm, that she’s almost finished. She let me try out her lip balm and I liked it.

(Photo op came in late, so the label’s in a pretty bad condition)

I believe it was nearing Christmas when I bought this. I’m not entirely sure if it was October or November, all I remember was it was one of those cold months in my country.

Since this product had been with me for the longest time, I cannot even recall how much this costed. It comes only in tub form, with 10ml of the product. Those who are particular with handling their products with their fingers will be irked by this.

This is the same size as the normal lip balms offered by The Body Shop that comes in Strawberry, Watermelon, etc. The only difference is that this one has shimmer in it. But don’t be frightened with the shimmer! It’s actually very subtle once applied.

Upon application, it’s faintly red with a little shimmer, enough to bring out that “my lips but better” look. It’s quite glossy though, and moisturizing which is good for dry lipped people. This isn’t as hardcore moisturizing for those with extremely dry lips on a very cold weather. This lasts as long as your regular lip balms, so nothing special there.


But what I loved the most about this is its smell and taste. Sensitive noses might think twice since the scent is somewhat strong and lingers on your lips even after few minutes of application. I love the cranberry smell, and for me this is way better than its peers. I really smells like cranberry gelatin – not too strong, yet so yummy! It even taste like one. I love sniffing this in class since it really smells that good. My friend also liked this one. My guy friends liked its scent as much as I did – note that I came from Engineering that are dominated my straight guys.


One thing I dislike about this is that The Body Shop made it as a limited edition item. And I’ve been waiting ever since to have this replaced. I do hope they release one like it this year!



Will I recommend this? Yes I do! But those with sensitive noses and particular in dipping their hands in their product would probably think twice… And if you can still find one of these, then good for you.


And no, I don’t use this anymore. I am absolutely sure this is expired.



For those who are interested in the ingredients, click here! But if you just want to view less the analysis, check it out below.

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