The Face Shop: Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Review

Since I’ve been too lax this week with my posts, I will give you a special one today. And it’s not part of my backlogs. I’m not lazy, really. I’ve just been sleeping late and been busier than usual with work.


The Face Shop released a new line, to replace the Brightening Rice Water (Migamisu) line, which they named Rice Water Bright. Doesn’t sound much different, right?


The SA said to me that The Face Shop just repacked it. Right. But this review isn’t about comparing the old to the new just yet. So don’t get too excited.

Here’s what The Face Shop has to say about this:

Natural Brightening Solution with Rice Water

Soft, creamy lather provides gentle cleansing that last during cleansing


Ok…. The second line is very confusing.

I got my cleansing foam for P445 ($10.70) in mall stores. It only comes in tube form, containing 150ml of foam. Now, you’d probably get this cheaper from a friend or relative in S. Korea. I’m not quite sure with online resellers, but I hope this provide you as a guide to how much it shouldn’t cost when you go online shopping. Like most cleansers, when you purchase this, it’s wrapped in plastic, and the mouth of the tube is sealed with an aluminum-colored cover.

The cleansing foam is milky-white. It has this subtle fragrance that those with sensitive noses may not appreciate. I don’t mind the smell nor loves it to bits. I like it a little, and it doesn’t irritate my nose.

Like most Korean cleansing foams, it lathers very well. A little can cover a lot on your face. After wash, it doesn’t give you this squeaky clean feel. Some would like this, especially the dry skinned ones since it doesn’t strip you off moisture and yet cleanses you very well. But that’s the part I want in a cleanser – squeaky clean feel. I noticed it lessened my whiteheads when I massage it further on my face.


Yes, it does still sting on the eyes so you’d better watch out in washing near that area.


Did it cause me pimples? Not really, but it didn’t prevent much in my oily T-zone. Either that or I’m really, really stressed lately. I currently have 2 bumps on my face. Extremely oily skin people may want to think more in using this.


Oh, it did brighten my skin a little which is ok. But it definitely made it soft and smooth to touch! I love poking and squeezing my cheeks lately since it’s so soft and smooth.



Will I buy this again? I’m not quite sure. If I can find a better foam that actually prevents me from getting pimples, then I may not.




Will I recommend this? If you’re into milky foams, normal to dry skin and not sensitive to scents, yes. It brightens your skin, makes it soft and smooth without giving you that squeaky clean feel. But if you’re like me who loves that squeaky clean feel and combi skin, you might want to think before getting this.  Oily skinned people should really think more prior purchasing this.




I’m really having mixed feelings about this. I’m at the verge of cutting my tube in half to get every last bit of this foam. I want to love this for its brightening, soft and smooth effects given the quantity and the price. Though I have to admit that this is a good cleanser on colder, drier months. Not sure for winter since we don’t have it here.




Just wait for my incoming review: this cleanser versus its predecessor.




For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who’d just want to view it less the analysis, check it out below.

10 thoughts on “The Face Shop: Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Review

  1. Oh i was so excited when your review came up! 😀 I can’t find many people who review korean products like me. The face shop isn’t something I’ve been able to try much. I’ve tried their volcanic clay cream and some masks, but nothing in a skincare line.
    I wonder why it’s just a repackaged products? Odd. I use laneige right now and i’m finding that it’s leaving me really dry after (or maybe something else is causing this?). It’s irritating my skin so i’m trying to find a new cleanser T____T ahhh may have to try this!

    :3 that you for the review and the ingredients are much appreciated!



    1. Thanks that you appreciating my efforts! 🙂 I make sure I post the ingredients whenever it’s available (in English) since there are stuff that we should watch out for.

      Actually, it seems that The Face Shop just didn’t repack the product, they even reformulated it. Though, I have to validate this further with another item that I have (previous and currently available). I pretty scared of trying masks so I’ve never used one – it may not do good to my combi skin. I’ve never tried Laniege even if it’s available here in my country since it’s exaggeratedly expensive! I hope you’ll love this cleanser more than I do (if you’re dry to normal skin).


      1. o.o I wonder why it’s so expensive where you are. Honestly… >_< it really depends where you get it from. I used to order on amazon and then i found out they were inflating the price 300%. @____@ oh that was a sad sad day. try gmarket & check amazon maybe.

        As far as masks go— don't be afraid of them. If you're talking about the sheet masks, they wont upset your skin at all. it's a cotton cloth that goes over your face. for about 10-20 minutes and it's just essence. It doesn't really effect or irritate you. I've used them during an acne flare and they actually calm it down, even though it says on the back not to ^^'''' lol The other masks are really nice, especially clay ones. If you'd like, I have posts on both that aren't released yet but i could send it to you if you're interested in reading up on them.



        1. I think they price it high since it looks expensive in packaging therefore, people are ok with it? Such a sad sad fact. We have it sold in malls, similar to Skin Food, Etude House, The Face Shop, nature Republic, Tony Moly and Missha. Laniege, Skin Food and Missha are priced as if they’re high end brands (especially Laniege!). >.< I do have my favorite reseller, but I saw someone that sells stuff even cheaper. 😀 I'll prolly try Laniege next time. 😀

          Thanks! I'll go view them. I actually get sheet masks for free from my mall purchases. But I'd normally give them away. 😀 I'll try them once I'm done with my current project and needs some pampering. 😀


        2. I’m a graphic designers and I find it hilarious how… someone who spends money to hire a graphic designer can upcarge their product so much XD
          i want to work in a design firm in Seoul one day! Going to be so fun!

          I love etude house. the quality is amazing so i’m always surprised when it’s so cheap.


        3. Either that or they sell expensive outside Korea, like Skinfood.

          I agree! Etude House is darn cheap. They say the cheapest Etude House outside S. Korea can be found in Philippines. But experience-wise, I would rather skip their skin care. Didn’t do well with my skin. 😦

          Try Tony Moly – almost same price range of Etude House. I’m about to start my skin care journey in Tony Moly, though so can’t say much. 😀


        4. Have you tried etude house’s moistfull collection? it’s amazing. the aloe set is for dry skin the collagen set is for oily skin. o.o i have to say i love it so so much. XD i wish i could afford to buy all of it.

          I see tony moly makeup a lot but not skincare. what do they have?


        5. I haven’t tried moistfull of Etude House. I’m quite afraid of their skin care after some unfortunate experiences with some of their lines. 😦 My HG skin care would be mostly from Skinfood. Tony Moly has Floria, Tomatox and Egg Pore Series, among their best sellers. I have yet to try their facial cleanser. They are more popular with make-up, though.


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