Haru’s Random Thoughts: In the office on a Sunday

So not in the mood. I know a lot of people work on a Sunday.


But this situation is different. I’m at work for 7 days already!

..and counting…

That’s right, 7 days straight. And I still have 5 more days this week, or 6, if needed. That makes 12-13 days straight.


What’s worse: We don’t get paid for the excessive overtime/overday. Imagine that folks! They’re all what we coin “TY’s” and just mere offsets.


Now, who wouldn’t be frustrated if you were in my shoes?


It’s not because I’m slacking off that’s why I need to do extra days just to finish something. It’s because of someone else is slacking off that’s why we had to do contribute just to meet the deadline.

Another bonus: surrounded by annoyingly *toot* people.


I know, I know, I’m ranting. But I just need to let this out. I can’t take this anymore.


So how’s you’re weekend? I definitely hope you had a better one than mine.


See? Even my rant is very, very short.

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